Asleep in a Sinking City

Asleep in a Sinking City


We are Asleep in a Sinking City and we are a Post-Hardcore, Rock band from Cleveland. We are in the process of writing more songs and looking to be hitting the stages in the near future. For now you can listen to our song "Sleepwalker" which we just recorded. We hope you like it! God Bless!


For as long as I can remember, most of us have been playing music. Me, my brother Eric, Ryan, and Ryan's brother Mark had started a project back in 2007 formerly known as Caelyn. We had plans to keep things going but everything just slowed down for us. Just recently we started back up with the new name Asleep in a Sinking City, only to have 3 new members on board. Now we're back to start writing more music. -Adam Z


Single - Asleep in a Sinking City