Asleep In The Weeds
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Asleep In The Weeds

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States | SELF

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States | SELF
Band R&B Funk




"Asleep In The Weeds – September 10, 2011"

My co-conspirators, Jodi and Steve had gotten to see this band before and really wanted me to see them as well. This was the first opportunity since they saw them before and there was no way that anything could have readied me for the experience of seeing this band live. To start, there are ten people on stage the night we saw them. I counted eight at first, then nine, then a tenth showed up. A keyboard player, a trap drummer (as in behind a kit), a percussionist comprised the back row. Then in front, starting on that same side and the way it ultimately worked out, was a vocalist for their occasional vocal songs. Then there was a violinist that night and from what I understand he was only there that particular night. Next to and sometimes in front of him was a flute player (I’ve always hated the word “flautist”). And there was also a saxophone player in there. Then, in the center was a guitarist whom I believe is the leader of the band, though I may be wrong. Behind him was a bass player. Then at stage left is another guitarist, first off his leads are great, and secondly, he switched at one point in the night to the cello. Okay, that’s an amazing band. 1 keys, 2 drums, 3 percussion, 4 vocals, 5 violin, 6 flute, 7 sax, 8 guitar, 9 bass, 10 guitar, is that everyone?

As much as I was shocked by the size of the band, the music is what got me even more. They take the idea to heart that music is a journey and that they’re leading us somewhere. Their sound is unique with various influences ranging from Santana to Return To Forever, all the way to a rock-fusion guitar based band I know called Gamelon. Progressive Fusion? Am I coining new genre terms? The sad thing is that they do not have anything recorded or any merchandise available. I want to support this incredible band as much as I can and look forward to anything that they may have available. I heard that they’ve already recorded or are at least finishing recording one song. I wondered at that, thinking how difficult it would be to present what they do in a recorded form. The music is that intense and complex with each musician shining without overshadowing the others. I experienced solos and jams that seemed to be complete improvisations yet were definitely planned musical excursions. They play off of one another wonderfully and allow room for each to shine. I keep saying that in different ways, yet with a band that size it’s very important.

Asleep in the Weeds is astounding. I can’t see them playing a smaller venue like the Evening Muse or Snug Harbor, yet the Chop Shop was perfect for them with its wide stage. This band is a well tuned machine whose innovative style needs to be heard and explored more and more.

At the next and any subsequent opportunity, go see this band! I don’t care what kind of music you like, they’re amazing.
- Live Limelight


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Made up of anywhere between 11 and 16 members, Asleep in the Weeds is a traveling spectacle with a circus like energy, taking audiences on journeys through each and every song with mesmerizing composition and musicianship. Horns, strings, flutes, guitars, and a variety of other instruments paint a thick tapestry of sound. Intricate transitions and deep grooves laden with incredible depth create passages that listeners can’t help but become enthralled in. AITW is not easy to put into a genre; it encompasses many styles but is not defined by any and quite often cannot be defined at all. Thick funk grooves give way to exhilarating segues that grab audiences and put them in the front row of a musical roller coaster. One thing is for certain; Until you see AITW live, you cannot prepare for the sheer madness and intensity they deliver.