A blend of punk and metal that has many dynamics. Our arrangements have creative heavy sections that go into creative lighter sections. The music is fun and energenic.


Our music is a unique blend of punk and metal. It is an outlet on how we feel about society. Our influences are structured around the world we live in, friends and family, our success's and our failures, and our band has alot of fun doing what what we love ( music). Our dedication and work ethic has produced music that sets us apart from other bands. Aslut is on the rise. We will continue the goals we have set and support our fan base. The story is ASLUT is ever changing everyday. We rarely stay in one place for to long. When we are inspired we hit the studio or write in some alone time. We are gonna try to write a none stop 15 track album without any stops in music. This should be interesting.


Shitters Full

Written By: Glenn Eberhardt

Everyday Im forced to face
This world that you create
Your politics hypocrisy
Your bound to suffocate
Your never going to understand
Why it is your there
Always doing what you want
You never seem to care
You sit upon your pedestal
And Suit your selfish need
Ignoring everything we want
Only for your greed
Always doing what you want
You never seem to care
Everyday Im forced to live
By These Rules that we correct

I didn’t come here to fight I came here to watch you bleed
What do you think your doing...
Your time is up

Told you time and time again
We've had enough
We've had enough
You don’t think we'll ever win
We've had enough
We've had enough
Somethings gonna have to change
We're so tired of this fucking Game
Molotov Cocktail
Out of breath
Forced out
Urban Warfare
Shitters Full!!!

Whiskey and Rice

Written By: Glenn Eberhardt

Rackin my brain tryin to get it right
Swiggin and giggin almost every night

Whiskey on my breath
When i say i do
Fishnet stockings and hookers boots
The bitch never dropped a clue
Grippin that bottle in my fist so tight
Rackin my brain tryin to get it right
Whiskey on my breath
When i say i do
Fishnet stockings and hookers boots
The bitch never dropped a clue
Dearly beloved
We are gathered here today
To witness this unholy union
With no future on its way

First Act of Violence

Written By: Glenn Eberhardt

I never gave a fuck for you
Never have never will
Might as well say good bye
Cuz tonight your gonna die

Punishment - My Revenge - First Act of
Punishment - My revenge - First Act of Violence

Violence - Violence

Your pain you think I give a damn
Scream cry you plead as loud as you can
Its just so fucking satisfying
Now that smile is upon my face
You made me do this you fucking fake

now that your lungs are filled with blood
maggots creep inside your infected wounds
last bit of dirt on your shallow grave
I lay to rest my conscience cleared


Written By: Glenn Eberhardt

Johnny Johnny
Get your gun
Mama Mama dont you cry
Your baby boy is trying not to die

Blood for money
Blood for oil
Blood for imperialistic nation

Johnny Johnny
Is fit to fight
Day or night
Told to kill on site


Left right left right left right Kill
Left right left right you know I will

Stirring The Soup

Written By: Glenn Eberhardt

Todays the day
To be yourself
You wont get hurt
So be Yourself
Stirring the - Soup - nine one eight
Theres no cliques
When Asluts on stage
We are all one
Feel our rage

Stirring the - Soup - nine one eight
It dont matter who you are
Blood still bleeds the same
Dont bow down and submit to their narrow views
We are all a part of this game
To our grave - To the grave - To our grave
Stirring the - Soup - nine one eight
Stirring the
Live every moment like its your last !!!

To Be Taken

Written By: Glenn Eberhardt

Heavy lies this world upon my back
Preparing me for my first attack
Fear of failure only held me back
I don’t want anything
I make what I take don’t give it to me
Save your pity for the weak
To be taken, To be taken, To be taken
Overcome your fears
No gift , take all, I demand
I will live my own life
Don’t back down to anyone


From Birth To Beast - 2008 Animosity Records
Several tracks are being played on various forums, radio, and streaming.

Set List

Our set list contains no covers at this time. We generally do about every song on the album, except for the acoustic pieces. The set is generally from 30 to 45 minutes long.