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You performed on stages throughout the United States, how was that feeling like?

It was exciting as a young child traveling around the country and seeing different places and different cultures and the way they lived. But as performing goes, I'm in a mind set to entertain all and its good to see that not only local people enjoy your music.

Which venue stuck out the most to you and why?

Well I wouldn't call it a venue, but I performed in Pasadena, CA during a celebration that they were having and the stage was huge and there was at least a couple thousand people there and it was just a good feeling performing for so many people.

A.Smith your a singer/songwriter/producer. Have you written any songs for artist we know?

Other than myself...lol, no not yet. But I've submitted songs to a couple artist recently so you never know what could happen from that.

Your unique musical style is influenced by Michael Jackson and Usher, Any future collabos with usher in mind?

I would love to work with usher, I think that would be the perfect collab. I believe our voices would mesh together perfectly.

Your releasing an album called "Love Struck", Have you been strucked by love ?

Multiple times..lol, I know I'm young but I've had my share of heartaches.

How do you feel about the music industry today?

I feel that it needs a revival, that people need to start bringing real music back. It seems like
the only people trying to make real music is the older guys in the game with the exception of a few young cats. So with me being young, I want to help with that revival by bringing real music to the table.

Which label would you like to sign with? or are you taking the indie approach? and if so why?

I would love to sign with any major label who has the means to help my career go as far as possible. I wouldn't mind going Indie but I think I would prefer a major label because they already have good credibility and the power to get me far.

Besides music do you have any other goals?

I would love to design video games. I have a couple books already that could get me started on
that but if I never made it music wise (Never say never, lol), that would be that route I would go.

Any plans on coming to NYC to perform your lovely songs?

Definitely, I would love to perform in the NYC. There's a lot of people in New York and
you have some of the greatest artist coming out of NYC. So to branch out across the country would be a great opportunity.

Are you a twitter addict?

You know I had to throw that in there (laughs) I've recently started twitting not to long ago, but I believe I'm starting to twit more and more these days. So you can say I'm on the verge
of becoming a "Twitter Addict" or a "Twitter Head" , lol.

Let your fans know how they can reach you...

You guys can all reach
me on www.scorpiosmith.com, www.twitter.com/scorpiosmith, www.myspace.com/scorpiosmith, www.youtube.com/snmg08, and a couple other
places that you can find on my scorpiosmith website.

A. Smith would like to?

Make It as far as possible in the music industry and thank Soul Pitch Hustle for taking the time out to interview me and hopefully you'll see a lot more of me in the future. - SoulPitchHustle.com


2008-Long Time Comin'
2009-Love Struck
Unreleased-Musical Expression's Mixtape

All previous releases listed on One Sheet provided upon request.




“I believe that I have a very unique style of music that’s not in the industry right now. I have the full package and I’m willing to work hard to get to where I want to go.” A.Smith

A.Smith grew up from humble beginnings in Los Angles, California. As a child A.Smith secluded himself from his peers. He found solace in video games. Somewhere along the way he discovered his talented for singing and has never looked back. In 1999 A.Smith was invited into a vocal group called Next Edition. After a few years of performing as a group A.Smith decided to branch out as a solo artist in 2004. During this time A.Smith went on hiatus to focus on developing his own style of music. In 2006 A.Smith signed with Brown Gyrlz Entertainment with a new vision for his music.

A.Smith has an immense vocal talent. The L.A based singer/songwriter/producer has performed on stages throughout the United States. A.Smith’s career as a singer has been profoundly defined by his unwavering determination to make a significant mark in the music business on his own terms. The development of his unique style is the result of a lifetime of musical influences such as Michael Jackson and Usher. “They sing smoothly and powerfully…I look up to them because of their impact on the music industry today… I strive to be one of the best just like them, so my ambition and drive keeps me going strong”, says Smith. A.Smith’s performance rolodex includes Bishop Lamont, Twista, Donnie Klang, Jim Jones, Glasses Malone, and Marques Houston.

His music is fresh and powerful - driven by his potent and introspective lyrical style. A.Smith is a multifaceted artist who emerges to the music scene with a new sound of music that he refers to as Hip/Pop. The self-profound tales of love, loss, and emotional struggle that are key components to his songs are easily relatable to a wide audience of all ages and musical tastes.

Smith spent most of 2008 in the studio working on his much anticipated full length LP, entitled "Love Struck.", released in Spring of 2009. This release although not hitting major numbers was an album of crossover appeal. A.Smith took a more artistic approach to the project as a whole and the outcome was a dynamic cd which displayed his diverse songwriting styles and sounds. Love Struck featured hot tracks such as “Lonely” and “Bomb” exemplifying his commitment to produce music that is creative and relevant. A.Smith is currently working on the next mixtape project titled “Musical Expression’s” as well as working with various Hip Hop and R&B artist.

A.Smith has been touring locally in California featuring at venues such as The Key Club in Hollywood, The Aqua Lounge in Beverly Hills, and The Copa Cabana in Long Beach. To find out more about this artist including tour dates, video, photos, and sound clips explore this website www.scorpiosmith.com

For Booking or More Information Contact:
Erica Michelle
Office: 310-355-8642
Email: Erica@scorpiosmith.com