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Aspen is the brand new project from the old Cosmic Vishnu heavy duo, exploring now that heavy rock, beefy, chunky, two-ton heavyness sound, with the addition of a third member on bass guitar.


Aspen was born from the ashes of Cosmic Vishnu (a band that was born on a music boom of a small town in Portugal, wich saw the first steps of very good bands such as Black Bombaim, the Glockenwise, and others) the old stoner-doom duo that created the remarkable "Colossus Mountain" EP, wich travelled through blogs, streaming, radios and other information sites on the web. Unfortunately the band was "dead" before that propagation around the world; and its from here that Aspen's history begins, the same two guys started to play a different kind of sound, a more ambiental, dronie and post-rock sound, wich quickly changed to the old doom a little bit more fast and with those ambiental and dronie sounds incorporated resulting on a mix combining the old heavy lessons with the new visions on exploring sounds and frequencies with the addition of a thrid member on bass! Having travelled around Portugal and Spain for two years the band finally hits the studio and record their first EP, entitled "Winds of Revenge" wich is available on full stream at the band's bandcamp, through the label Lovers and Lollypops!


EP - Winds of Revenge (

Set List

1. Arashi
2. Autopsy Headcrush
3. Weil
4. Winds of Revenge
5. Like Crows, They Drop
6. Owing to Lilith

(stage plot included on the pdf rider)