Aspen Black

Aspen Black


Authentic modern cowgirl/western/trad. folk singer/songwriter- a modern female blend of Roy Rogers, John Denver, and Ian Tyson, with poetic lyrics of love, hope, loss, and the issues facing today's cowboys/girls, horsemen, and those who live or love the western lifestyle.


Aspen is the "real deal" when it comes to western entertainment. She is a former rodeo barrel racer and NBHA Champion, and now teaches horseback riding at her ranch in Virginia. She has travelled all over the western US and parts of Canada, and includes the experiences of being on the rodeo circuit along with those while horse training and teaching into her songs. She has been writing and recordong original western, traditional country, and folk songs since 1992, with commercial radio airplay in 1993 and 1994, and international radio airplay in 2003, and currently in 2005. She has been lauded by DJ's and western music critics alike for her great original lyrics that touch the heart of fans (cowboy or not). If you are looking for professional cowgirl-style entertainment, you need Aspen Black.


Hoof Prints On The Clouds

Written By: Aspen Black

Verse 1:
Out there past the wetsren wind
beyond the stars at night
there's tales of hoof prints on the clouds, upon that sea of white.
And I'e seen shadows cross the sun in shades of grey and black-
like horses in the western sky
with angels on their back.

Oh, yes, heaven musty have horses- I've heard thunder from the chute- and here below, the wind spins 'round like a barrel run turned loose. And sometimes when the rain has passed, a horseshoe stretches down- from up above where angels run, leaving hoof prints on the clouds.

Verse 2:
They say up there, it's always green, the streams are wide and clear.
The cold wind never blows, in fact, it's spring all year. If horses could be free to roam, and they never really die, then I know one who waits for me beyond that western sky.


Verse 3:
So God must be a cowboy, even if it's just at heart, why else would he make mountains that reach up to the stars?
And horses for our best friend, like the one I'm missing now-
Oh, I know he's up there somewhere, cause there's hoof prints on the clouds.


And sometimes when therain has passed, a horse shoe stretches down---
from up above where angels run, leaving hoof prints on the clouds.

The West

Written By: Aspen Black

Verse 1:
"Neath the rise of the Rockies, far away from it all,
there's this place I go ridin'
alone with my thoughts...
Not a house, not a fenceline, just wide open range
unscarred by the conquerors of the old cattle range.

And sometimes I ride for the mem'ries,
sometimes, it's the pain
that leads me so far from home.
Sometimes this ache inside me just won't go away...
sometimes I need to be alone-
oh, sometimes, I need to be alone.

Verse 2:
Now, it used to be a cowtown over that next hill
these times keep a-changin'-
I don't think I will.
And there's days that I wonder
" what have I got to share?"
then my lost heart remembers that big west out there...



Verse 3:
I was born to be a cowgirl
I'll ride 'til I die
Like those cowboys before me
with dreams as their guide...
cause the west is a gift, precious, like a child
they may tame the prarie but they can't fence the sky


'neath the rise of the Rockies
far away from it all
there's this place I go ridin'
alone with my thoughts...

Campfire's End- Close Your Eyes

Written By: Aspen Black

Verse 1:
The evening's turned to embers;
stars have settled low.
You'remile's grown soft and weary
like the fading fire's glow.
Come rest your cares upon me, leave the worried world behind.
If you need a shoulder safe and warm, you can lay your soul on mine. (And)

Cowboy close your eyes, sleep soft in some sweet dream,
and I'll stay right here beside you
til the dawn breaks through the trees.
I'll blanket you in starlight and sing soft upon the breeze
sweet lullabies, just close your eyes, and dream...
tonight of me.

Verse 2:
Let me wrap you in my arms
so gentle and so tight.
Let me sheild you from your sorrow
on a dark and stormy night.
I'll always be beside you, no matter where you are-
I'm the evening rain, the late night snow, and the voice inside your heart (singing)



Sweet lullabies, just close your eyes, and dream---
tonight of me.


Singles with international cowboy/western radio airplay:
- The Ballad Of Ian Tyson (Old Western Sky)
- Cowboy
- Lone Rider's Prayer
- A Hundred Years Too Late
- Rode A Rainbow
- Barrel Horse Blues

- Ride Cowgirl, Ride
- Hoof Prints On The Clouds
- They'll Just Ride On

Singles with regional commercial country airplay:
1993- Live It Up Right
1994- If I'm So Bad

2005- A Hundred Years Too Late- Again
2003 - A Hundred Years Too Late
1994- Live It Up Right
1993- Aspen Taylor

All songs listed from 2003 and 2005 radio airplay have internet airplay as well.

Set List

Typical show- 2 hrs., comprised of two sets, with 10 min break between.

Festival show- 15 min-1 hour depending on time allowed by festival.

All songs played are originals, and are presented in a unique fashion where I take the audience on a journey with me to an imaginary campfire in the late 1880's. We gain insight into the cowboy lifestyle, interspersing the historical with the modern through the songs and small blurbs about cowboy/cowgirl life along the way. The song styles are varied from upbeat "toe-tappers" to slow sentimental ballads, with a few "danceable" waltzes in between. It is a very interactive show with the audience's mind, and many times I have looked out and seen a tear, or been able to hear a pin drop as they hang on my next word.

Typical songs performed:
A Hundred Years Too Late
You're Welcome At My Fire
Must Be The Rain
Hoof Prints On The Clouds
Barrel Horse Blues
Ain't Forgotten
Monday Morning Lights
The West
For Daddy
Old Western Sky-