Aspen Black

Aspen Black


"Like poetry set to music"... Honest, intimate reflections of rural living, past and present.


Aspen is a singer-songwriter and poet. Born in 1974, she grew up in rural America. She began performing at the age of 4 and played classical violin for 12 years, along with several other instruments. Her musical influences are many, with John Denver, Ian Tyson, James Taylor, Don Williams, and Alison Krauss at the top of her list. Aspen's mother also played folk guitar and banjo.
Aspen's songs are purposely crafted to reflect traditional, acoustic styling and often integrate historical settings with modern feelings and views.
She also delves into emotional subjects such as love, loss, and growing older.
She has received radio airplay on all of her albums from 1993 to present, and has performed countless live shows of all original music from 1992 on.


1993 Album recorded in Nashville, TN - singles "Live It Up Right" and "If I'm So Bad" played on country radio.
1994 Album recorded in Nashville, TN- music videos released "Ima Gonna Getcha" and "You'll Always Have My Heart"
2003 Album "A Hundred Years Too Late"- songs played on western radio: "Cowboy", "A Hundred Years Too Late", Ride Cowgirl, Ride", "Barrel Horse Blues", "Old Western Sky- The Ballad of Ian Tyson".

Set List

2 hours of all original music and a few poems:
Great Spirit, Angel of Tomorrow, My Time Will Come, Scarred Vaquero (poem), Horsegirl Poet, The Foreman's Rest (aka The Mountain's Touchin' Heaven), Windy Lullaby, Old Western Sky- The Ballad of Ian Tyson, One More Day, Worn Chaps (poem), You Don't Have To Worry 'Bout the Wind, Teardrops, The Cowgirl Remains, Must Be The Rain, Ride Cowgirl Ride, The West, The Hope (poem), You're Welcome at My Fire, Dreamers, Cowboy, Letter Home (poem), I'll Still Have Your Memory, Hoofprints on the Clouds, 11 miles, Lost Cowgirl's Waltz, Taste The Rain, Ghost of Yesterday (poem), What Now Cowboy?, Monday Morning Lights, Let's Ride, My Wish (poem), A Hundred Years Too Late, Ain't Forgotten, Barrel Horse Blues, Rode A Rainbow, Dance In Heaven, They'll Just Ride On, Campfire's End, Cowboy Don't Cry.