Pryor, Oklahoma, USA
BandRockClassic Rock

Dont let the name fool you.. we are a serious band but the name does get us attention... we do great covers of classic bar songs and dance tunes... we frequently pack bars on Grand lake and around Tulsa and have a faithful following...


we have a unique name... it started as a joke when we began... but that is a long story... as we became more popular locally we contemplated changing to a more commercial name but our fans were insistent that we stay true to assbone...
our music is influenced by a wide variety of tastes... ranging from johnny cash and willie nelson to red hot chili peppers, sublime and even rage against the machine... we have a lot of crowd participation in our shows and almost have developed a local cult following...


i do

Written By: john fell

i got whiskey running through my veins and i'm headed south on an old steam train..
yeah i'm leaving..
again it seems..
gonna keep on riding..
till that trains runs out of steam...

i got poison swirling in my brain and i'm riding box car on an old freight train..
yeah i'm leaving..
i ain't never going back..
gonna keep on riding..
till that trains runs of out track...

cause when you said i will love you forever you meant i won't
and when you said i do
well you should of said i don't
said i dont need you..
and i won't be true..
but now you say you don't know how you'll ever live without me..
but i do...

Well i'm trying to get to heaven..
so i'm not stuck with you in hell..
i got a bible in my right hand my left a bottle..
oh yeah i'm leaving..
ain't gonna fool with you no more..
gonna keep on riding..
till i reach that golden shore..



Set List

Folsom prison blues/brickhouse (johny cash/commodores)
what i got (sublime)
Santa Monica (everclear)
last dance with mary jane (Tom Petty)
sweet home alabama/all summer long (lynard skynard/kiddrock)
Doing time (sumblime)
Know your enemy (green day)
Dont go away mad (motley crue)
sweet child o mine (Guns n roses)

kickstart my heart (motley crue)
santeria (sublime)
cumbersome (seven mary three)
mony mony/satisfaction (billy idol/rolling stones)
are you gonna be my girl (jet)
hash pipe (wheezer)
burn it to the ground (nickleback)
bad girlfriend (theory of a deadman)
killing in the name (rage against the machine)

crazy (gnarls barkley)
cowboy (kidd rock)
butterfly (crazy town)
you really got me (van halen)
love rollercoaster (the ohio players)
seven nation army (white stripes)
paralyzer (finger eleveen)
talk dirty to me (poison)
gina and juice (snoop dog)
bullet with butterfly wings (smashing pumpkins)
bulls on parade (rage against the machine)
closing ti