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Australian trio Assemblage Point use catchy hooks & pleasant shocks to create their unique shamanic experimental pop Their live show features ritualistic movement, dance, & incorporates an array of instruments from the sampler to the didgeridoo Assemblage Point is by turns cheerful and disturbing


The Australian trio Assemblage Point use catchy hooks and pleasant shocks to create their unique brand of shamanic experimental pop.
Their live show features ritualistic movement, dance, rhythms, rhymes and melodies, incorporating an array of electronic and acoustic instruments from the sampler to the didgeridoo.
The Assemblage Point experience is by turns cheerful and disturbing.

AP History

Assemblage Point began in early 2006 in Studio Soundsbent as a foray into unchartered aural territories. The product of Benn DeMole & Christian Punch’s Sunday evenings in the studio eventually made its way on to the streets of Sydney as a high-tech busking act.
The year ended with the first APHID* event launching the Assemblage Point CDR2006 disc which was half live street recordings and half studio experiments.

During 2007 Assemblage Point continued organising APHID events, bringing together an eclectic range of artists in all kinds of media (see below). They also continued to refine their live performance in local Sydney venues and began work on their debut album. Two singles were released during the recording process. The first single “Cent’nal DUB” won Best Experimental Song at the 2007 Global Marijuana Music Awards. The second single “Fire!” gave audiences the first taste of the forthcoming album.

The eponymous Assemblage Point album was released in mid-2008. The album is a mix of hip hop, dub, folk, industrial, ambient and dance, rolled together with an arcane pop sensibility. The album produced a variety of listener reactions from excitement (the magazine Cyclic Defrost called it “inspired stuff”) to perplexity ( “it’s art, not music”).

In 2009 Assemblage Point became a trio with the addition of Catriona, who had previously guested on the album. As well as performing dance-friendly electrified sets as per the album, the trio also began performing acoustic sets as captured on the “Now We Are Three” EP, released in March 2009. They also returned to their early improvisational ambient-groove mode for chillout rooms, and as theatre and contemporary dance accompaniment.

April 2009 sees Assemblage Point embark on a worldwide promotional tour/creative journey, on which they will take both the live show and the APHID events to Japan, Europe, and North America.

The Japanese leg of the Journey was completely successful, connecting with local artists, playing a gig with the Osaka Guerrilla Beatniks, and Benn a solo ambient-noise set at ORASP Vol 13.

Currently in Europe Assemblage Point are taking their acoustic show to the streets of Spain, playing independent parties and gigs in bars. The last month has been about organising APHID 7, bringing together a wide variety of new found artists and performers in Barcelona.
* A.P.H.I.D
(Assemblage Point Happening Intra Dimension)

APHID is a short-term visual art exhibition.
APHID is a space for theatrical and dance performance.
APHID is about appreciation of musical recitals.
APHID is for poets to share their words.
APHID transforms 'normal' spaces into gatherings of creative energy.

APHID is an event organised by Um Records and the band Assemblage Point. APHID is a celebration of creativity of all kinds, with a focus on the artistic. Each event incorporates the following: Music, Dance, Theatre, Visual Art, Poetry, Improvisation, Food, Spoken Word, Story Reading, Installations, Short Films, Animation, Magic…
So far there have been more than 100 artists, musicians, writers and performers involved. Each APHID incorporates at least one live set from Assemblage Point. As well as being damn good fun, APHID events successfully bring together diverse branches of the artistic community.
There have been 7 APHID events so far, the first in October 2006, the most recent July 2009 in Barcelona, Spain.


Assemblage Point 2006CDR

Cent'nal DUB CDsingle

Fire! CDsingle

Assemblage Point eponymous full length album

Now We Are Three EP

Set List

Cent'nal In Babylon
Keep Running
Mysterious Reality
(Burning with the) Fire!
It Will Pay You Back
Go Right Down