Assembly Line Gods
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Assembly Line Gods

Springfield, Missouri, United States

Springfield, Missouri, United States
Band Rock Metal


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"ALG Review"

"The Assembly Line Gods are an inventive new sound for the music world. The band consists of four dynamic gentlemen who each contribute ingredients for the most refreshing sound in years. The cryptic lyrics and mesmerizing guitar solos will have any music critic in applaud. I heed warning; it is not enough to hear these fellows through your speakers, to get a full understanding you must see them live. All in all they’re a combination only the devil could’ve concocted and they’re ready to convert you into a believer." - K. Hughes

"Show Review"

Notable local opener: Assembly Line Gods. We finally caught these guys last weekend at The High Life and were impressed. These guys are definitely worth checking out if you’re a rock/metal fan. -

"Headcase Radio Weekly Mailer"

They're a straightforward, tight, ass-kicking hard rock band ,sure to make some noise in the Midwestern part of the USA, and the entire world if they can get themselves heard by the "right" people, who will then give them tons of money to record the next great American hard rock album. - DJ Meatwad (

"Live Show Review -"

Assembly Line Gods were last, but not least to take the stage with their mesmerizing vocals and escoteric lyrics that plumbed the same depths as Tool or System of A Down. I found myself in deep contemplation, staring at the smouldering, red hot tip of my wine flavored cigarello while the singer chanted “sometimes I lie awake in bed at night wondering what if Lucifer was right.” (Check out their songs 78 and New Best Friend on their myspace page)! - Darian Darqly

"Review: DJ Beerman Show (Podcast)"

A good hard rocking sound with an alternative edge adding an extra dimension to the music. I love the versatility in the tracks, the vocals move well between clean and hard. Has a punky aspect, which I love. Gonna be requested a lot on the DJ Beerman show! - DJ Beerman

"CD Review:"

The foursome craft a dark, melodic sound that manages a neat trick: It’s metal that doesn’t sound angry, or even like it’s trying to be. The playing is impactful without trying for a constant sonic pounding. Shelter For My Enemy is a more than worthy pickup for any modern hard-rock fan. - Chris D. -


The freshman effort 'Shelter for My Enemy' gives listeners a taste of things to come and an aural souvenir of the live shows. The four song EP has produced tracks such as 'Liberty Bell' and 'Coil', both of which currently receive terrestrial and internet-based airplay across the World and find themselves included on several compilation and sampler CDs.



Built on the wooden floors of an old converted grain mill, Assembly Line Gods have been designing the blueprint for their fist-pumping, head-nodding and high energy hard rock/metal package since late in 2008. Rocking every bar, club, festival and house party they can get their hands on in the Springfield, Missouri regional area, ALG have packed up their '78 Chevy van and turned on the shock-wave machine to reach out and share the experience with as many people across the United States as possible.

David Samples' genre defying vocals weave interchangeably from melodic single and harmony lines to demonic growls, putting a lyrical sheen over the chunky, testosterone filled power chords of E. B. Cox who helps give the band it's alternative-rock edge. Josh Kroeger's hauntingly intricate bass lines lend to the bands tight yet spacey foundation while Carson Underwood goes out-of-the-box on the entire drum kit, selling the audience everything from metal infused double kick rhythms to Latin inspired dance grooves. Bolt everything together and attach the stage bending antics of all four members, it combines into a crowd-pleasing show that converts both rock and non-rock fans alike.

Having already opened for national touring acts such as Future Leaders of the World, Tragic Orange, Eli (Songwerks Ltd.) and AdaKaiN (Transfusion Entertainment) as well as International artists Hypno5e (Distilled Entertainment), spotlights on Springfield, MO radio station's Q102.1 Homegrown Concert Series and Meet & Greets at area Hot Topic stores, the Assembly Line Gods are quickly becoming seasoned entertainers and are ready to hit the road to make new friends and get people through your doors.