"Hard Driven Chicago Style Rock Rock n' Roll"


Assimilation Consists of 5 very talented musicians that are committed to putting everything into their music and of course even more so into their live shows. We are a band that plays driven rock and roll, but are not afraid to put a little bit of groove under guitar riffs similar to the The Stones, Audioslave, and GnR. We are all from the south side of Chicago and have been playing our respective instruments for more than a decade. We pride ourselves on singing about real life issues while putting them in a way that you have never heard before. We'll sing about oceans, family, sand, dirt, fishes..alive and dead. and occasionsally we will write a song with all the above mentioned. We put on an energetic, moving, alive show for every performance.


Time Box

Written By: Assimilation

Soft Light in a silent tavern
lead to beleive in a stranger way
lack of deception in my padded wall
swallowing keys for another day

chorus:::Take me away time box
so confused I'm lost
take these chains from off of me
NO restriction let me free
take these chains and let me be

a flash of black fills the moment
the air is thining and the all
for shadows seem I see nothing left
where the black is my only friend only friend yeah

chorus again

Black Tar Heaven

Written By: Assimilation

Verse 1
A fool and his mother
run like any other
swimming through the clouds
like smoke in the sky
pick up red rocks
burn it like a sock
smoke their opium
and then they wonder why

they were in black tar heaven
so smoothe yet so mild
Black Tar Heaven
Their brain was going wild
some other place
It won't be the same, but it was
black tar heaven
and still you wonder why

Verse 2
Together they were clapping
as Tchaichovski was rapping
Swimming through the clouds
like smoke in the sky
picked up big bird
filed like a herd
smoke their opium
and then they wonder why
they were in Black Tar Heaven.........
Little Minds and little people
make me feel i'm little
Little lost, little confusion
out there growing little
they're little

Nostalgic Blues

Written By: Assimilation

Verse 1
Call you up on the telphone
old freind from years ago
asked you out
for a drink or two
going places we used to know same to stools we used to know
and everybody was happy

I'm never going to leave this place
I'm never going to find my way
and I just want to stay here

Verse 2
Spent the whole night laughing
Just tellin stories and talking bout
we're leanring new things
and liking it
found that song
on that old juke box where
Bob Seger was talking to us
and everybody was dancing
to this song and it goes like..


Our first album release was "Pax Romana" which consisted of 17 tracks and was released in 2002
Our sophmore album scheduled to be released on May 2nd is called "Nowhere Fast" and is only released on sonicbids currently for download.

Also--Turquoise Soldier was critiqued to have "Some of the best lead guitar work from chicago in the last 5 years"
-Chicago Local Music Underground (2007)

Set List

We play originals and covers.. If we have just an hour set pretty much it's 100% originals.
Break on Through
Down on the Corner
Sunshine of your love
When I come Around
Like a rolling stone
Killin in the Name of
Play that Funky Music
Lodi Dodi
Yellow Ledbetter
Purple Haze
Welcome to the Jungle
It's so easy
and a Bunch of Originals you've think you've heard before