Assorted Jimmy / Wooden Jimmy

Assorted Jimmy / Wooden Jimmy


Assorted Jimmy consists of many Jimmys. There is a lover, a worker, a sleeper, a son. A beard, a porn-star, a hero, a drunk. They share the same body but maintain their independent identities in song.


Assorted Jimmy approaches music as a painter approaches painting; alone with a full pallet.
Advances in technology have allowed an insular and solitary "folk" movement to explode.
With no reason for a continuity outside of quality, Assorted Jimmy produces songs in all of the genres. In live solo performance, or with session sit-ins, the quality of the song-craft and vision is revealed.


The End of the Train Song

Written By: Assorted Jimmy / Wooden Jimmy

I couldn't sleep at all, restless in my cab, I started wandering around in Nakina, Ontario.
Looking in the windows, looking in the faces, and I could find you any where.
So I just moved myself along.
Do I remove myself at home with you?

It's been burning in my mind, burning in my mind
that if I was coming home to you
It be the end of the train song
it's not the end of the train song

Cause when I'm home with you, it's true.

And when I bring myself on home
Your maidens bless the engineer

My engine gets oiled and my fuel replenished, the whistle retuned and the boiler upgraded, the chimney brushed out and tracks get switched, new hobos jump on with their bindles a'pining for home....


It's not the end of the train song..


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