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Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States | SELF

Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States | SELF
Band Alternative Rock


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Astellaway: Up and Coming"

The social networking web site, once known mainly for a way to keep in touch with friends, has quickly grown popular as it develops new features. One of its most popular features is its music profiles which makes it easy for music lovers to discover new bands from just about anywhere.

MySpace and similar sites make it easier for local, unsigned bands to reach fans from just their hometown or neighboring towns. One of these particular bands that are reaching a far audience via their MySpace profile is pop/punk rock band, Astellaway.

The Oklahoma band released their second EP "This Time" in early March. The band comprises lead singer Kacy Chronister, 22, bassist Josh Gilbert, 22, drummer Jeremy Smith, 19, and guitarist Luke Chronister, 24.

Kacy and her brother Luke were not strangers to the scene -- before starting Astellaway they had been in another band named Tiger Eye Lily. They decided to form a band together after writing their first song "Headlights." That band eventually dismantled because of differing opinions about where to take the band. They have performed with their current band for over a year after they found their current drummer Jeremy.

According to lead singer Kacy, the band's name comes from her misunderstanding of one of the lines in her favorite Disney movie "Beauty and the Beast."

"It's kind of funny," she says laughing at the memory. Kacy thought Bella called one of the cups "astellaway" and thought it was a cool name for their band. The phrase in the movie is actually "a stow away."

Since the formation of Astellaway, the band has spent time working on their new EP.

Their latest release is a seven-track EP that includes a 48-second introduction entitled "This Time" that then leads to their next track "Some Things Will Never Change."

Since the band is not a part of a record label, their guitarist Luke records all of their songs off a computer. Though they do not have the backing of the best producers, it is clear that Astellaway does not need them to make a good album. Their EP is filled with tight guitar riffs that mesh well with Kacy's sweet, yet tough, vocal styling that provides audiences with a great pop album that puts listeners in a good mood. - The Statesman

"Pick of the Litter"

Fun female-fronted pop-rock with big chant along choruses.

Doug Van Pelt-HM Magazine - HM Magazine

"Refining the Sound"

MARCH 4, 2009

Double Disc Set
CD release party spotlights young artists looking toward the future


Refining the Sound

The second set of Friday night's CD release party features a band that has seen its ups and downs and now has a refocused vision. Astellaway's core members are no strangers to the local music scene, even if the current band isn't a common name yet.

Following the demise of their previous band, Tigereye Lily, Luke and Kacy Chronister knew they were devoted to a career in music. Finding a kindred spirit in bassist Josh Gilbert, the three moved into a house together to write and record a full-length debut CD in less than four months. As a result, Astellaway made its big debut with a new disc in hand, but encountered a few problems.

Without a committed full-time drummer, guitarist Luke Chronister filled that gap while also recording and engineering the disc. When the time came to play live, however, the band was stuck playing with a rotating lineup of friends to complete the rhythm section. After spending six months getting the band off the ground, the trio realized it wasn't where it needed to be and decided to take a break. Gilbert moved out of state while Luke and Kacy, stayed in Tulsa and continued writing.

When Gilbert returned and the band reconvened, the material for the new EP, This Time, was completed with a more focused sound. Drummer Jeremy Smith had also joined the fold, giving the group a new sense of solidarity.

The new EP presents the band in a new light; it is more direct than the debut album a year ago: building on tight song structures, an aggressive pop sound and Kacy Chronister's distinct vocals, which draw comparisons to Veruca Salt, especially when combined with Luke's tightly wound guitar work. Everything works incredibly well, emanating a distinct energy.

Gilbert told me that this is a band focused solely on one thing: making music its career. Now locked into a firm lineup, the band has planned a six-week tour beginning in May. After returning to Tulsa in June, the group will then turn around for another 10-date run before heading to the Cornerstone Festival in early July.

"Cornerstone was really a turning point for us last year," Gilbert said. "We went up there, trying to promote our band without playing any shows, because we didn't have a drummer. We saw all these other bands and all the work they were putting into it and realized we had to get our act together. We can't keep asking favors from our friends -- we've got to get out and do this."

That's exactly what spurred the hiatus and renewed vision for the band. This year's trip to Cornerstone will be more productive as the band has already landed a showcase slot on the encore stage and is setting up a couple more gigs during the festival.

The group is ready to make an impact; following the CD release this week, Astellaway heads down to Austin in just a few weeks to play the Red Guerilla Festival during SXSW week.

These guys are committed and ready to make sacrifices until their career takes off. "We'll go until we're broke, then come back and work to put some money away, then go out and do it again," said Gilbert.

"We've had some labels get a hold of us, but we want to show people we're serious," he said. "We'll play the same to 10 people or 500 people. We're mature enough to not let that get in our heads. We just want to go out there a play a great show and build a buzz."

Gilbert might sound overly optimistic, but an in-depth conversation reveals the dedication of the band. This is a group of musical soulmates and old friends with a formidable chemistry. Having grown up in Henryetta, Josh and Kacy have been friends since they were 8 years old. And 14 years later, they are still great friends that share a vision for the future.

"Our main goal isn't to write a hit song that gets on the radio and only be known for that one song," said Gilbert. "We'd rather have five solid albums and a following than one hit single. We'd like to be known as a solid touring band that likes to play every night and has the same energy every night whether it's just the promoter or a full house."

The time to catch Astellaway is now, as this group loves Tulsa but has no plans on becoming a regular in local venues.

The Astellaway/Van Risseghem CD release party is Fri., March 6 at The Marquee. Tickets are only $10 and include a copy of each band's CD at the door. Check them out now, because both acts have potential for a long future. Newcomer Mitch Hull opens the show at 8pm. - Urban Tulsa


"All We've Ever Known" (single) October 2010
"Long Drive Home" June 2010.

'Self-Titled' released 3-2008
'This Time' release date 3-06-09



We're astellaway (pronounced uh-stella-way).

Astellaway has been making music since the beginning of 2008, and playing shows since the beginning of 2009 which includes playing almost 100 shows in 15 states including performances at SXSW, D-Fest, and Cornerstone Festival.

The members of Astellaway are influenced by bands like Taking Back Sunday vocally and the classic rock band Boston on guitar. In the new album "Long Drive Home" You can feel very closely what Luke feels after going through a divorce with none other than the bands old vocalist Kacy. Determined to continue the band Luke collected all of his feelings and channelled them with brutal honesty into the bands strongest effort to date. All 4 members Luke (vocals,guitar) , Paul (drums), Bryce (guitar), Clint (Bass) are close friends and have pushed through this trying time relying on their friendship and music alone.

In their newest song "All We've Ever Known" released via Itunes and on the bandcamp site the band moves to a more hopeful outlook, it will be interesting to see which direction their new material will follow.

You can download the newest record, Long Drive Home, for FREE at As well as the brand new song "All We've Ever Known" If you like what you hear, please feel free to spread the word to your friends!