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"A Step Towards The Future"

Routinely working your tail off until 6a.m.? Falling asleep on the faders in the confines of the control room? Fine tuning your chops for a performance in front of a music industry giant? Sound familiar? Unless you are a member of the fast-rising punk band A Step Behind, probably not.
Yes, this is the equally hectic and thrilling lifestyle that this hard-charging band from Houston, Texas calls it's own. Life has become a whirlwind for these youthful rockers, who are currently slaving away laying down demos in Baltimore, MD. In a true case of art imitates life, the group's intensely passionate and driving music echoes the current state of their experiences.
Currently the band is gearing up for a showcase with Columbia records and very realistic possibility of launching itself into the stratosphere. Speaking with lead singer Matt Geronimo, one gets a sense that he, much like his band, is aware of the enticing possibilities that the future holds. Geronimo's emotions are an understandable mixture of utter excitement and raw nerves. "We definitely don't want to screw up in front of the biggest label in the world," he says.
Geronimo values this opportunity for exactly what it is and realizes that the whole ordeal should not be approached too seriously. "We've got to have fun and just run with it," he says.
One thing they are definitely serious about is their passion and unflinching love for music. "When we started playing it wasn't about getting on a major label, but I would love the chance to make a living playing the music that I enjoy," Geronimo says.
The music itself is a blend of personal songwriting, chugging and melodic instrumentation, and an undeniable toxic energy. Part punk and part emo, it is nothing less than spirited. More often than not, the tempo is explosive and urges listeners to keep on their feet. The lyrics which are autobiographical and introspective to the core, are again a product of reality.
Their album Since We Can't Have Forever consists entirely of confessional songwriting. "There's not one song on the album that wasn't inspired by something I saw or experienced," Geronimo says.
With literary titles such as "Proper Precautions For A Fake Suicide" and "First Dibs On Last Chances," one can see why these trials and tribulations could give rise to music with such flammability.
Fans of the band are drawn by this realism, and have formed a group of followers with rabid devotion and selfless loyalty. A Step Behind is gracious for this overwhelming support and continues to enlist new fans at every turn.
Although every band claims that they have the best fans, this group stands behind that declaration. Geronimo acknowledges the very personal connection between themselves and the fan, and celebrates the easy-going relationship that they share. "They are more like a close knit group of music enthusiasts," he says.
Clearly, A Step Behind has much to cherish and even more fascinating experiences to anticipate in the future. They are a close knit group who form a family unit, not just a rock band. With the crazy unpredictable state of affairs surrounding them, they have one another to keep their heads straight and feet grounded as human beings. They know there is a need for caution and refuse to stumble blindly into the music business. When asked what excited and frightened him about the industry, Geronimo says, "there are definitely some shady characters out there, but we are very excited about where this whole thing is going."
At this point, it certainly seems like the sky is the limit. Armed with ambition and confidence, A Step Behind is getting ready to step it up.
- Caffeine Magazine

"A Step Behind Review"

The band is gearing up for the release of their new 5 song EP "This Is What We've Become." This EP shows us the alternative rock and passionate lyrics the band has to offer. The guys Matt, Dustin, JP, and Justin capture some really heartfelt, catchy songs on this EP.

My favorites on the album are "Truth Be Told" and The really catchy almost a little harder All American rejects style tune "This Could Be Happening." This song was the one track that really stood out to me. Very catchy and driving from the very start and the chorus will be stuck in your head. I think if it was a full length they should really go toward this sound more. It will open a lot of doors for the group and set them apart to be noticed throughout the crowd of bands now.

I like the harmonies and duo vocals on this record. It breaks up the hooks and gives the listener that yearning for more approach. Well done and a check out if your into the indie Alternative rock. Check them out at their myspace page to get a taste - www.myspace.com/astepbehind

1. Kicked Our Fate and Killed Desire
2. Truth Be Told
3. Dont Ask Me How, Ill Tell You(Plan B)
4. This Could Be Happening
5. This Is What Weve Become
- www.melodic.net

"A Step Behind Album Review"


A Step Behind, reigning from the great state of Texas, has been silent from the studio since 2004 of their debut full length album “Since We Can’t Have Forever.” Formally being associated with 99cent records they are now independent artists and are coming up on their sophomore album titled “This Is What We’ve Become.” The album contains five tracks each with stunning individuality.
Kicking off the “This Is What We’ve Become” is a track by the name of “Kicked Our Fate and Killed Desire.” The semi hard guitar catches your attention right off the bat keeping you amused until you reach the incredibly catchy chorus. “Truth Be Told” and “Don’t Ask Me How I’ll Tell You (Plan B)” are complete opposites of each other. “Truth Be Told” is a melodic based rock song with quiet and heart felt lyrics reaching out into the ears of anyone willing to listen. “Plan B” is a more up beat song kicking the pop punk side of the band.

As we near the end the cover song “This Is What We’ve Become” is another pop rock influenced song. Descriptive and vivid, the song is thoroughly retrieved by your brain and played over and over again. After one listen too “This Could Be Happening” you’ll think of it more than a song, but as an anthem with its soothing intro and the solo at 2:09.

I declare this album a success in the year 2007. This album is well worth 17 minutes and a few dollars out of your man purse. So put the girl pants in the closet, forget the eye liner, and listen to some original rock from A Step Behind.

~ Lane
October 07 2007
- Skyline Press

"A Step Behind Fame"


One of Houston's hottest young bands, "A Step Behind," has just dropped a new, ear-pleasing album.

"This is What We've Become" is their second album in what will no doubt be a stellar career. With a plethora of great tracks, "A Step Behinds'" new disk has this writer asking the real question, "Why hasn't some major label picked them up?"

Whether politics or just wanting to remain indie has a hand in it, this writer believes they are just one step behind fame. Most of their tracks are really polished for such a young band, track 3 "Don't Ask Me How, I'll Tell You(Plan B)" is my outright fave but the hard hitting track 1 "Kicked our Fate and Killed Desire" is the track to skate or ride fast to.

In an age where downloading music is so prevalent and old fashioned digging through the record store racks have almost gone by the wayside, it almost feels like buying a brand new album off the racks is an investment. I am no Meryl Lynch but I do know music and I say invest in this disk. All of the tracks are sure to be crowd pleasers with everyone taking away a personal favorite. A Step Behind has left this writer with a need to see them live, not only to gauge their stage presence but feel the energy every great band hurls at their audience, and as soon as this writer does, the people will be the first to know.
- North Star News Online


Since We Can't Have Forever - Released 2004
single - "I'm Losing" recieved radio airplay on Houston Rock Station 94.5
This Is What We've Become - Release Nov. 2007



Hailing from Houston, Texas, A Step Behind has emerged as a rock band to be reckoned with. With a blend of energy, motivation, melody and drive, A Step Behind doles out catchy, sometimes emotional songs. The music incorporates their life experiences, hopes, and even dreams, tugging at the ears and souls of their many fans who relate to every verse.

Writing explosive songs, playing high-energy shows, and focusing on their fans have made A Step Behind a band to watch. “Our goal is to energize the crowd with the energy that we feel every night on stage,” says lead singer Matt Geronimo. The band’s love of the crowd and genuine love of music takes a hold of everyone who sees them perform live.

In 2005, A Step Behind's hard work and determination paid off when they finished 5th out of over 4,000 bands nationwide in the Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands, an opportunity that allowed them to showcase their talents to a broader audience. A Step Behind was also featured on 94.5 The Buzz, Houston’s largest alternative rock station, which earned them a coveted spot as one of Houston’s premier rock bands.

Since We Can’t Have Forever, A Step Behind’s debut album, was released in the fall of 2004 on 99cent Records, and has since sold more than 10,000 copies. The album was recently released in Japan on Little Rock Records, and due to the great responses received from listeners worldwide, A Step Behind has been quickly gaining recognition.

During the past few years, A Step Behind has worked hard to build a name for themselves by touring the country several times over, leaving an inevitable mark in every town and developing an ever-growing fan base. With a new release on the horizon, A Step Behind is continuing to work hard, focusing on their music and their fans, and creating a reputation that no one will ever forget.