A Step Too Far

A Step Too Far


A Step Too Far is a unique, fresh sounding band which concentrates primarily on Songwriting. They believe that songwriting is the most important function of musicians, their concern with melodic and harmonic components is obviously upheld in the quality of their music.


In the summer of 2005, Christian (acoustic guitar,piano/vocals), Kevin (guitar/vocals), and Dave (drums/vocals) found that they all shared a similar passion for music. Pierce Pimiskern (bass) is the newest addition to A Step Too Far and has become a valued asset to the bands sound. Each member of the band adds their own influence to mold the melodic and harmonic content that drives their overall sound. The band values the content and creation of the songs above all else; Recording, live performances and fans all hinge upon having what they believe is good music. Their clear pop-rock tonality is complimented by their powerful vocal harmonies, and catchy melodies; Soft ballads and driving riffs make for an entertaining set, which is uplifted by their unique chemistry and on-stage banter. The band has performed at a wide variety of venues including Toronto's Famous "The El' Mocambo", The Kathedral as well as live sessions in the XM Satellite radio studio. They have also been contracted to play weekly at Blue Mountain Resorts Main Village, over the course of the past two years. A Step Too Far is forging a unique sound, as they continue to gain fans, seek opportunities and write new, refreshing music.


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Carry On
Stuck On You
I've Just Got To Try

Set List

A Step Too Far performs primarily original material, however also plays a wide variety of covers. With sets ranging from 30 minutes to 4 hours, the band has an extremely versatile live show.