Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Asterionella is what happens when post rock meets punk and grunge and is is covered with a spacey, Shoegaze veneer.


The band was formed in late 2008, and settled on a final line-up in Fall of 2009.

The bands style is influenced by 90's UK Madchester and shoegaze bands (My Bloody Valentine, Sonic Youth), Noise/Pop-rock bands (Jimmy Eat World, Garbage Mono), and post-punk bands (Thrice).


Say You Won't

Written By: Asterionella/Kelley Karas

Don't make concessions - he wants to cheapen your worth
You won't get credit for the hard work, as you have earned
I'll stand beside you, though how you decide..
you should do it for you - it's a matter of pride!

Take my advice or take it as you will,
At least I'll feel better now that you know how I feel
I think you have 'it' and you should think it too...
stand in opposition to those against you

don't answer questions unless you know who is asking them
you don't know who might be listening
it isn't progress if you keep looking back
stand your own ground as they're on the attack.

I am not impressed with the suggestions
you said had been mentioned
it's hardly improvement
taking what's unique and finding a new way to ruin it

So No..
say you won't
let this one go.

Push Back the Sea

Written By: Asterionella/Richard Polk

Verse 1

Sometimes I wish that I

could fall apart into the deep

Like hotels on the pier

that died and slipped the depths

The water’s warm and dark

let Thetis come and bury me

To break free from this shell

to escape eternal ennui

Please know

I never wanted this

If I were like you

I’d be a conduit

But I lack

the entropy you seek

Bring back

a warmth to keep


I stared into the sea

she stared right back at me

Came up to the shore

and swallowed this island whole

Fortified and scarred

determined and strong

Yet this hundred-year storm

would prove the proud and faithful wrong

Verse 2

Now I drift to sea

away from these battered shores

Free of the grip of land

free of this crippling weight

Storm clouds roll in

last daylight fades

All will is lost

to leave this place


Written By: Asterionella/Kelley Karas

You never seem to give yourself
credit when it's due
If I wasn't filled with doubt
I'd prove it all to you

I watch you staring past me,
with those eyes you do..
I am standing here
I see only you

Your lack of self control
and acrid thoughts brought to be
destructively corrosive
burning through me
I want to save you
from all you choose

This could become a complication, this could become our end.


Under the Waves(2010)

Set List

We typically play about 45 minutes but can extend or shorten that amount.

An example list:

Push Back the Sea
Say You Won't