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Eureka, California, United States | INDIE

Eureka, California, United States | INDIE
Band EDM Alternative


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"New Blood by Waldo The Squid"

As skilled as he is at keeping every limb occupied pumping out pioneering percussive permutations, this feaky, funky, one blood-band makes The Squid proud. Livella spent the first five years of his drumming career spanking every percussive instrument that crossed his path before taking his rhythmic aspirations subterranean to flex his melodic muscles on the bass geetar. By the time he was ready to sit down at the kit, he knew a thing or two about rhythmic texturing. Moving between a host of big bands, jam bands, and rock bands, Livella picked up the backbeat foundation that would complete the circle. Enter Wiretapped, his current "livetronica" project, which sees him live layering his own instrumentation over supremely funky, bass-heavey electronic samples, and blowing some minds at the same time. From his own EBOX Stidios in Eureka, California , Livella has cranked out two solo albums, with the emphasis on the "solo" where he plays everything from drums, bass, keys, percussion, guitar- you name it. The doors are always open at EBOX for local artists who want to do it the Livella way. The Squid wishes them luck- and a few extra limbs. - DRUM Magazine


Asteroid Advocate "Moments Realized" Allevil Productions. 2004
Asteroid Advocate "The Stillness Above" Allevil Productions 2006
The Mod Brothers "In Between The Spaces" Allevil Productions 2010



For the past 18 years, wether as a studio owner, producer or multi instrumentalist, the Asteroid Advocate has been hard at work in the lab. Today he can be found wielding weapons of mass creation including fat swirly synths,sick beats and throbbing bass lines which generate a unique dance experience. The Asteroid Advocate fearlessly takes the listener on musical voyages into the past with a keen eye looking towards future backbeats. Always blending that old school analog with a touch of the digital...