As the Sparrow

As the Sparrow

 Boston, Massachusetts, USA

A folk-swing group out of Boston, MA.


Voted Best Live Artist of 2013 by Salem State University. As the Sparrow is a folk influenced rock-swing band based around the songwriting of Mark Damon and Crystal Araiza. Coming out of Boston, the band  draws from the energy of  big band swing music as well as the intimacy and poetry of the folk genre. In July 2013, As the Sparrow released their debut album,Porch Step Songs, with the help of engineers Steve Scully and Steve Aliperta. Their second release, In a Box was recorded at Kennedy Studios by engineers Steve Aliperta and Chris LaRocque (The Color and Sound, Pray for Sound, The Dirty Looks). 


In a Box EP May 2014
Porchstep Songs July 2013