Aston Teague

Aston Teague


Singer/songwriter from Austin, TX who has created a strong following in Texas and California. Smooth voice and catchy songwriting set this artist apart from the crowd! Soulful Acoustic Rock!!


Looking back you'd think that 26-year-old singer/songwriter Aston Teague had a better chance of becoming an NFL quarterback than a budding musician. By the end of his sophomore year of college he was well on his way to success on the football field. But thanks to some unforeseen changes in Aston's life, he left the cleats behind to follow "A New Road" of passion driven music and dynamic live performances. Aston's first guitar was a high school graduation gift from his Father. The guitar sat in a dusty dorm room and was rarely played throughout his first few years of college. All of his attention was focused on playing Quarterback at The University of Houston. After suffering a severe ankle injury Aston almost immediately turned to the guitar for a sense of comfort and peace during those tough times. It wasn't long before Aston began composing his own original music. Mostly emotional ballads about what he was going through at the time. "Looking back now I realize that in that time I developed a true love for writing music and I learned how to look inside for inspiration. Writing was the only time I felt comfortable about revealing my emotions. I had no idea then that I would take it this far." Aston was born in Houston, TX but made the short trip west to Austin, TX in 2005. Since moving to Austin he has performed countless live shows and somehow found the time to finish two EP's. "I feel like I'm exactly where I want to be musically, professionally, and spiritually, and I feel blessed to have the opportunity to make music in the city I love." Aston is now a consistent headlining act and stays busy promoting both of his albums.


Not This Time

Written By: Aston Teague

This is where I would runaway
But This Time
There are so many reasons I should stay
With you
And now I realized I have never know true love
and what good is a life lived alone

Because you're filled with love and laughter
and you elevate my soul
as your spirit moves inside of me

(Chorus) I will be all that you'll ever need
I will cover you, you cover me
I believed that I would never find
love be now I know
that was me then, but not this time

Your kisses fit me like a glove
just right
and my best friend says that he sees love
in my eyes
I believe no time is wasted
when it's spent with you
just a little love I've tasted
but that will never do

(Repeat Chorus)

It feels so good going down
pretty lady
I don't want to be found
not this time
feet so far from the ground pretty baby

(Repeat Chorus)


Written By: Aston Teague

I new I was falling in love.
The very second I saw you.
Carelessly flying above.
My saving grace that I called to.
The times I needed a hand,
I could count on you.
And I’m hard to understand,
but I know you do.
it’s just the role we play.
It’s not very hard to do, for you.

And you’re so lovely,
with a heart of gold,
and could not see now without those diamond eyes.
And I realize in the beginning,
that I better get with you before you were gone.

Onward we go now to find, our way.
Onward we go now to find our way.

It’s like an angel was following me,
in every situation in all I see,
and I’m liberated from my own limitations.
I’m simply better when you’re in my life,
like a piece of heaven and it feels all right. Gravitating to the spirit in you.

We’ve been together for a minute,
and you better believe that it’s right.
A little euphoric I’ll admit it.
You wouldn’t catch me leaving if you tried. No!

Onward we go now to find, our way.
Onward we go now to find our way.

(Repeat Chorus).

When she sings,
it’s a bit off key,
and she only listens to her family.
And she craves utter romance,
and she lives, for the moment,
and this moment is mine,
she mine all mine,

(Repeat Chorus)

First Base (Acoustic Version)

Written By: Aston Teague

I don't know which way to go
Can you help me
When all I see is signs tonight
all around me
so what you waiting for now
an ever after
what you waiting for me to come back down

(Pre Chorus)
Before we lay down to sleep tonight
I'd love to show how I feel inside

First base is always fun for the first taste
but I want more for you
Worst case I'll end up waiting for way to long
Realize, Darlin that you
You're always on my mind
I'll end up coming on way too strong

We don't need to leave the house tonight
to have a good time
the way you look beneath the moonlight
is blowing my mind

(Repeat Pre Chorus)
(Repeat Chorus)

My Prayer

Written By: Aston Teague

Things just seem out of focus
Like I'm lost in my mind
and I hope that you've noticed
the changes I've made in my life
I feel like you're close to me
and I believe that you are
I will go on at this pace if you let me
but without you I won't get far

What am I gonna say, someday
when my son wants to know the world
and how will I ever lead, if I can't see
that you're there guiding both of us
When will there ever be, any peace
across the ocean or at home
What do I need to do, to please you
and change this world that we've come to know

Spread your light all around me
I know you'll catch me when I fall
Come what may to distract me
I'll hold on to you through it all
I feel I'm supposed to be
anywhere that you are
I will go on a this pace if you let me
but without you I won't get far

(Repeat Chorus)

Joined At The Soul

Written By: Aston Teague

It’s such a pleasure to be with you tonight.
I hope you feel all right.
I think it’s time that you got to know me.
But first I think you should know that I waited all my life,
with this guitar to get you moving your That’s right, move around a little bit.
So come on down and gather around,
it’s the first step taken to a better life, all right. Watch your whole life turn around
but you’re never going to know until you and you best believe that.

I’m all ready to go,
I’m ready to see,
just how far down this rabbit hole goes
and you might leave here tonight,
but eventually,
we can be as one together joined at the soul.
Out on the road again,
running every light.
Flying down the highway,
we’ll make it there before night...

I hope to tell it to you a little bit better than the time before.
This here rhyme is the reason I find the time
to come back for more,
that’s for sure,
and you best believe that...

(Repeat Chorus)

Out on the road again, running every light. Flying down the highway will make it there before

you even knew I was gone...gone...
If you didn’t know now you know that something was wrong...
with the way that I’ve been living my life,
I’ve found out that I need you around me, because...

(Repeat Chorus)

Let it go tonight, you never know until you try, We’ll be joined at the soul. Let it go tonight, it’s the first chance taken to a better life, all right. We’ll be joined at the soul.


The LA EP - 3 Song EP
Aston Teague Acoustic EP - Self Produced 6 Song EP

Set List

Typically a 45 minute to 1 hour set. Mostly original songs with very few covers.

1. Glad You Came
2. The Music
3. Take Me Away
4. Great American Rush
5. On Our Way
6. My Prayer
7. The Silence
8. Elevator Love Song
9. The Waitress
10. Joined At The Soul
11. Not This Time
12. Angel
13. First Base


1. Brighter Than Sunshine - Aqualung
2. Flake - Jack Johnson
3. Lodi Dodi - Snoop Doggy Dogg/Slick Rick
4. Wonderwall - Oasis