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The best kept secret in music


"Astoria - Daylight For Delay"

by Lorian Leung – York House, Vancouver

Astoria shows great potential with Daylight for Delay.

“Daylight for Delay” varies between haunting and soothing soundscapes, enriched with chilling melodies. Each song flows effortlessly into another, creating a mellow and relaxed atmosphere. “I Love You, Slow Piano” is an intriguing piece, brilliantly layered with separate tunes from the guitar and vocals and a constant soft rock-ish beat. And although the songs have the same underlying tone, Astoria changes the sounds enough so that the album doesn’t sound too redundant. The originality of the tracks sparks great potential for this up and coming band.
- Youthink Magazine

"Quick Spins: Astoria"

ASTORIA: Daylight For Delay (Independent)

By Tom Harrison - December 27, 2005

A six-song EP steeped in early '80s rock. The guitars shimmer and the singer sounds like he's wailing at Eric's in Liverpool. This is a less murky, lighter Joy Division amounting to an attractive blend that becomes compelling on fourth track, "Everything Is Rearranged."
- The Province

"Let me tell you a good Astoria"

Daylight For Delay

By Colleen Tang

"Is that Jimmy Fallon?" It's not the best way to introduce a fine new release from an up-and-coming local band, but it was my first impression when the album cover was placed in front of me. But the lack of Fallon was easily countered by six tracks of Astoria. This band keeps the instrumentals soft and light with a voice to match, reminding me of Pete Yorn and quality bands like Keane.

'Daylight For Delay' is a short debut, totaling just six tracks, but they do well not to overwhelm and confuse their listeners, making it easy to determine their sound. The disc starts with 'Take All Night', an upbeat track that highlights their musical talents. Ast the album progresses, the tracks wind-down and soften up, revolving around topics such as love and change.

What distinguishes this band from all the rest in the indie scene? I can hear the lyrics sung by Josh Gibson-Fraser above the din, unlike the muffled, indistinguishable voices that you encounter with some lo-fi bands. And you can find comfort in the steadiness of the bass-line and drum sequence in 'I Love You, Slow Piano.' Most of the songs include a choir-like sequence where lead singer Fraser's voice trails on one note.

'Daylight For Delay' is a wonderful disc to play on repeat when you're sitting in your room watching the rain drops cascading down the window with the lights down low. I imagine a glass of wine would also fit nicely, except I didn't have any at the time. - The Ubyssey


Daylight For Delay (2005)


Feeling a bit camera shy


Emerging from the Vancouver indie music scene, Astoria has quickly cemented an impressive original combination of potent vocal outpourings, slashing delayed guitar, solid drumming and emotive bass lines. Their anthemic lyrics challenge listeners to awake from the modern day slumber, and to embrace life to the fullest.

Formed in early 2004, Astoria is influenced by the post-punk sounds of the 80s and the indie-rock heroes of the 90s, with a sound that is tailormade for radio and stadiums.

Astoria recently showcased in Shindig! 2005 and NewMusicWest '06, where their live shows made a big impact. Their live debut at The Roxy in Vancouver saw them perform to an enthusiastic audience of over 200 people and their audience will only grow as word of their talent spreads. Astoria's debut EP 'Daylight For Delay,' was released in September 2005.