Astor Place Riot

Astor Place Riot

 Lexington, Kentucky, USA


Creativity, originality, experience, talent, passion - the five elements required for success in the music business. Many bands can rightfully claim originality. Even more can tout their experience. Talent isn't rare. Creativity and passion aren't uncommon. Combined, however, these traits can turn genres upside down and revolutionize music as we know it. Lexington, Kentucky, is the latest location to experience this sonic alchemy as the members of Astor Place Riot emerge to take their place at the forefront of the Lexington indie scene.

In the summer of 2009, four musicians who'd previously been a part of the Lexington ensemble Even Numbers (Clay Gibson - guitar, Jason Majewski - bass, Tim Condo - drums, Susan Janis - viola/keys) recruited drummer Josh Fletcher as their frontman for a new project that would draw on each member's diverse set of influences to create a sound both original and infectious.

With a sound born from the alt-rock womb created by bands like Radiohead and The Flaming Lips, Astor Place Riot honed their craft on the Lexington stages and emerged from the recording studio in early 2010 with their debut EP Without Wax. Self-recorded and self-produced (having a bass player who's also a certified sound engineer has its perks), the album exemplifies the band's eclectic vision. Ethereal guitar harmonics blend with folk and jazz touches, all within a blues-centric atmosphere, as Josh's impassioned vocal performance underscores the depth of feeling from which Without Wax originates.