Astor Twin

Astor Twin


Angular, spare and percussive music paired with compelling, complex lyrics. Garnering musical comparisons to Gang of Four, Wire, Les Savy Fav, and Spoon, Astor Twin ranges from danceable anthems to ominous polemics. This is party music for hot, sweaty parties. Let's have a party. Really.


[from write-up in the Sept 21 Boston Herald]

The founding idea behind Astor Twin was to create music ideal for crazy loft parties, and not the chardonnay-sipping, don't-spill-Shiraz-on-the-Todd-Oldham loft parties, but real, loud, old-school Brooklyn loft parties, where people want to dance to something innovative.


Sister/Brother EP (forthcoming)

Set List

Typical set is short and sweet, 25-30 minutes, about 7 songs. All hits.