York, England, GBR

Young, vibrant, passionate, original, alive and hungry. [:Astrae:] approach music with unwavering dedication, to always deliver a professional, captivating and unforgettable live performance. Available to record music for soundtrack, TV, Advert & film and for gigs anytime, anywhere in the world.


[:Astrae:] began in 2007 when five young artists originating from England, Germany and Italy respectively, chanced upon a meeting in York, England and began to write, perform and record music together.

Met with instant local and regional acclaim for their intense live show, the band also drew a wide range of comparisons, from such artists as:
Idlewild, Smashing pumpkins, Counting crows, Oceansize, Coldplay, Nirvana, Sonic youth and Incubus amongst countless others. [:Astrae:] 's extensive touring of England has ensured them a fan base stretching across the country, now they are ready to take their sound to the world.

Although [:Astrae:] have been called Alternative Rock, Their sound is unmistakably distinct. Their debut release, an E.P entitled 'The Open Heart' was released earlier this year to a hugely successfull reception and they have now began work on their second release.
The first Single 'Collapses' with promo video will be out mid may, exact dates TBA.

[:Astrae:] Are currently looking for managemet and representation, soundtrack, Film, Advert and TV composing & recording work, as well as worth while live performances for summer 2010 and all of 2011. We can arrange to bring coaches with fans if neccesary for ticket sales etc.


[:Astrae:] - The open heart

A 3 track E.p, consisting of songs:

1. Outlander

2. Maturin (The great turtle)

3. Passion

Set List

We only ever play original songs unless directly requested to do otherwise.

A typical half hour performance would consist of 6 songs, whereas for perfomances of an hour or over, different correography is employed so the amount varies.