Astral Gunk's music is a culmination of 4 musical backgrounds and selective palettes. Drawing inspiration from a melting pot of punk, post punk, garage rock, pop, psych rock and everything in between, the prevailing sound is as much an amalgamation of influences as it is the product of four dudes drinking beer in a shed and avoiding their responsibilities. They've played Sappyfest, Pop Montreal, Halifax Pop explosion and toured half of Canada extensively.


Under a garage on the edge of industrial Sackville the rats are getting high on pesticides. Life is a punk rock comic book. You are smiling, front row, gums bleeding. Why is there always an asshole in the mosh pit? Astral Gunk is truly a band. With four songwriters that draw inspiration from their shared and individual sets of influences that span the peripheries of punk counter culture, the Gunk's presence has been melded by shared beer, drugs and experience. Eclecticism and conviction are words that come to mind. They are a band that believes in the rock n' roll revolution, only because the power its had over them.


Astral Gunk s/t cassette (self released)(3 pressings of 100, sold out)

Tour Tape (50 copies, self released, sold out)
Rat king cassette (Killer Haze Records) (mix tape, 150 copies, sold out)

Rat King II cassette (killer haze Records) (200 copies, sold out)

Straight up James Dean cassette (Nervous Service records, 300 copies, out January 2013)

Herky Jerky b w/ street level (craft singles cassette, out January 2013)