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For those who don’t know, Astra Moveo is a new(ish) electro-psych project. Very cool, trippy stuff that probably deserves the comparisons Does It Offend You, Yeah? are getting more than Does It deserves. - Guido Sarducci IV - The Donnybrook Writing Academy

Astra Moveo reminded me of one of those great synth dance groups out of early-'80s Sheffield, England, like the post-Human League act Heaven 17. But Astra Moveo clearly draws sonic inspiration from more recent '80s revivalists like the Faint, and late-'90s house music—much of which borrows heavily from that first wave of synth pop. The act exhibited impressively dense atmospheres throughout its set, and the triple vocal melodies actually worked. I think Tyler Hayden’s at his best vocally with this band. It was also gratifying to see James Holden taking up his Rickenbacker again and dancing about with the same enthusiasm he brought to his old band, the Cigarette After; it made the performance seem surreal with how well it came together. “Kill Your Stereo” sounded eerily like the synth opening to Tom Petty & The Hearbreakers’ “You Got Lucky,” but these guys took it to more interesting and fun places. I honestly had low expectations for this band, but the group impressed me enough that I’ll be checking it out again. - Tom Murphy - Denver Westword Blog

Astra Moveo look like an '80s dance band in rare form, and that’s what they sound like too. Deftly combining live and programmed elements, the outfit maintain a set that sounds energetic and raw like a New Order bootleg. However, rather than succumbing to the temptation to decadence that seems inherent in electronica, the group sticks to a tight pop song structure that keep its music highly listenable. Though soaked with delay, the guitars are clear and sharp, and the live bass hits you in the chest - John Shoe - Denver Westword Blog

Astra Moveo has the trance-able beat down solid and their tunes are some of the most original and fresh in the electro scene. Like an indie-rock showcase crashed by some disco and electro renegades in an 80s underground club, Astra Moveo's music is as infectious as it is hard to define.

While every song on their MySpace is a powerhouse, my personal favorites are “Wrecked (Remix)” - which sounds like a modern day Gene Loves Jezebel song, “Dollface” - which has a crazy Marilyn Manson vibe from the Mechanical Animals era, and “The Situation Part 2” - which has movie soundtrack material written all over it.

Astra Moveo's “.com” is basically just a streaming player with a cool backdrop, but it's a nice little addition to the already solid level of material that they offer. When you are checking out their MySpace be sure and check out the blogs because they will lead you to some other downloads as well if you do a little surfing. - Doug Newville - Colorado Music Buzz

Astra Moveo is an unbeliveably hot, unbeliveably unheard of dance
indie band that's about to rock your world (pun intended?) Made up of
Christophe Eagleton, Tyler Hayden, Brandon Paluska and James Cromwell
Holden, the quatro sounds more like a soap opera cast than a raging
band, but don't let the names fool you, these guys know what they're

With fresh punky tunes reminiscent of predecessors like Goose, The
Faint and The Rapture, Astra Moveo is bound to rise up on the scene,
and quickly, especially with hints of an official LP in the works.
Take a listen to their synth-friendly songs. - kiss atlanta

you might remember astra moveo from a post i did when we first started up the blog. anyway, the colorado beast are back with two new tracks, "kill ya stereo" and "shake the heavens". put on your sunday best before hitting the play button, because i promise you'll be grinding on the first person you see once they start (and we all like to look our best for a good grind session).

if you dig innerpartysystem (see a few posts down), the faint, etc.. definitely get into this. tossing in a disco/funk edge, they somehow manage to both dirty up and bring a fresh edge to the electro/rock genre. hopefully a proper release sees the light of day sooner than later.. but in the meantime, you've got these new tracks, plus i'm including the four songs they have up for download. - we wore masks

This is my favorite new band! - - Hello Nasty Beats

If you dig innerpartysystem (see a few posts down), the faint, etc..
definitely get into this. tossing in a disco/funk edge, they somehow
manage to both dirty up and bring a fresh edge to the electro/rock
genre. hopefully a proper release sees the light of day sooner than
- we wore masks

Astra Moveo, Omnigraph I (Self-released). Laylights frontman Tyler Hayden takes on a new identity as a world-weary, hip-swaying, techno-soul lothario. Hayden, Chris Eagleton and James Cromwell Holden simultaneously evoke Marilyn Manson, Prince and LCD Soundsystem with dark, dirty and danceable delights. Though all the tracks can be downloaded from the band's MySpace page, this one gets bonus points for creative packaging. — Eyl - Eric Eyl


Omnigraph I
*The Situation Pt. 2

Summer Single
*Kill Ya Stereo
*Shake The Heavens



"Is Denver the new Omaha? Probably not, but the jam bustin', disco punkin', synth wailin' Astra Moveo is about to encroach on The Faint's territory. Moveo is a hot little dance rock band gearing up to hit the nation's indie rock scene with a fresh infusion of disco.

Moveo's balance of finessed dance beats and an aggressive punk stomp provides a wonderful backdrop for any dance party: There's enough smoothness to their sound to get listeners out on the dancefloor, but not so much that the band sounds unpalatably saccharine."
From minneapolis fucking rocks blog