A Strange Parade

A Strange Parade


We're a Super Catchy Dynamic Duo that bridges the gap b/w all types of pop music. With killer drums and blasting vocals, we are destined to bring energy and excitement to any Crowd. And not only do we bring it live, ASP is completely self-produced allowing our imagination to become your reality!


A Strange Parade is a two piece band featuring live drums (Wes M.) and a power vocalist. (Kamilla)
Our songs are recorded in a home studio, and then sampled live for shows. The music all falls under the pop genre, but ranges between acoustic rock, rock, and dance (like at da' club). It is due to our recording and sampling ability that allows us to create such a dynamic range of song types, unlike most conventional bands that only have the instruments in their hands to work with.

Kamilla is a singer/song writer that has been performing since a very young age. Growing up in Round Rock, TX, Her amazing gift of song has guided her life into the entertainment industry.

Wes Meyers grew up on a horse farm in Northeast Texas where he began writing and recording at the age of 12. His self drive and motivation to make it in the music biz led him to become multi-instrumental and the producing machine he is today.

Kamilla and Wes met in the creation of Meteor Street Massive. (our former band) After playing for over a year MSM disbanded, and shortly after we began working on A Strange Parade. Our first song as a duo was "The Truth." which we wrote and recorded in just one day!




Set List

1. Drum Beat ad. lib. (dancey)
2. Cause and Effect
3. Go Hard
4. Lucky
5. The Truth
6. Push
7. Rock and Roll
8. (writing in process).....

We play one 30-45min Set