We believe in hard work and put song writing first and foremost. Along the lines of Saosin and Circa Survive, we take heavy guitars mixed with strong vocal melodies and strive to have the most energetic live show possible. We love to play music, this is our lives.


As Astrea we feel that the way we come off to people really set us apart. We try to be humble and really appreciate everyone who helps us out and makes this happen for us. Without them, we would be nothing, so we thank them as much as we can.

As a whole our influences vary from person to person. Bands like Spitalfield, Anberlin, Thrice, Acceptance, Saosin, and Cave In really influence our music style. Using heavy guitar lines with melodic vocal melodies, we try and blend emotion with pure rock and roll. We keep it simple, but continue to blow kids away at every show with our energetic set.
With new member Drew, we have set out to really establish ourselves musically and make a name for ourselves. We work as hard as we possibly can in making this happen. We've had so many great experiences playing with some great bands, it's hard to count. Our first "big" show, with Bayside(Victory Records) really made us realize that this is what we want to do with our lives and gave us a chance to play to a sold out crowd. That was the first of many as the list includes, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, I Am The Avalanche, Boys Like Girls, Valencia, Envy On The Coast, Roses Are Red and many more.

Heres a small list of accomplishments and future plans:
-Put out 2 demos, one mixed by Scott Reibling(Fall Out Boy, Weezer)
-Toured the east coast on a 3 week tour
- Headlined and played countless local shows
- Embarked on a self booked tour in March 07
- Releasing our debut EP...Departure. Recorded and Produced by Scott Reibling
- Booking 5 week tour Summer of 07.

We as a band work as hard as possible to make this our lives. We hope the right oppoutuinity comes are way and will do what we can to make it happen.


Over Your Head

Written By: Brendon Pires

can you see the light?
does it burn your eyes?
are you biting your tongue?
can you taste the blood?

tonight, your out of time
the water will rise
filling your lungs
will you give up?
will you give up?

can you feel the warmth in sedation
can you feel your veins as they wither away
do you see the discord?
where do you draw the line
do you know a simple solution?
can you see the light have you found a way out
now that your backs against the wall
will you take the fall

what were you thinking?
you got too close
and now you will pay
pay with your life

tonight your hearts on fire
trapped in this cage
it's all in your head
will you give up?
will you give up?

you've done it again
over your head
and feeding this weakness
they're under your skin
your waiting
for someone to reach out their hand
and save you

you've done it again
over your head
and feeding this weakness
they're under your skin

can you see the light?
your out of time.


Written By: Brendon Pires

evening curtains fall
and day reveals
eye level heros
in the shadow is the less than likely
standing in line
following orders
back to the hive
for the would be's
and would've beens

we are less than likely heros
we are the shadows

we are the ones we are the ones
who stand behind and say the words
that they are afraid to hear
we are the ones we are the ones
they fail to mention like the truth
they fail to see
we are the shadows

we fend for ourselves
holding back that curtain
fending off the night
feeding off of this sunlight
like chlorifil but glorified
by the light of the ones
who never hide
we survive

we're cultivating
sharper minds and thicker spines
it's up to us
we are living out our lives
and we are fighting
for our freedom


Winter 05' 3 song demo.
1. As A Dying General
2. Comfortable
3. Between The Tides

Summer 06' 2 song demo
1. Shadows
2. Between The Tides(re-recorded)

Debut EP/Departure....winter/spring 06/07'( recorded and mixed by Scott Reibling( Fall Out Boy, Weezer, Butch Walker)
1. Over Your Head
2. Between The Tides
3. Hourglass
4. Love Is War
5. Shadows

Set List

1. Over Your Head
2. Between The Tides
3. Hourgalss
4. Love Is War
5. Shadows

Our set is usually between 20-25 minutes.