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"-Astrid Pierce-"

May 15, 2008

Mi rock, mi pop, le groupe Astrid Pierce n’est pas encore très connu mais est en passe de le devenir. Venu de Brooklyn, Astrid Pierce propose un style de musique à la croisée des Beatles, de Depêche Mode et de the Verve. A découvrir! - French Morning NY (online)


I took a listen to their EP and thought, "Yea, this is pretty good." So I said why the hell not?

"Astrid Pierce is an independent rock and roll band from Brooklyn, NY.
The band has inescapably catchy lyrics, resonant guitar style, haunting violin, primal drumbeats and punchy Beatle-bass. Combining to make a sound that channels Nirvana's unpolished plangent honesty, the Beatles' pop sensibility, The Edge’s guitar techniques and the Everly Brothers' vocal harmonies, all folded into an Oasis-like wall of sound." -Astrid Pierce Press

So yea. The little spiel above is pretty true.

Ok Ok. I get it. TL;DR (Too long, Didn't Read)

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Link to Song for Download Pierce- Shakin' on the 1 Train.mp3 - KSCL 91.3 fm College Radio Blog: Shreveport, LA

"Astrid Pierce"

Astrid Pierce (Brooklyn, NY): A proverbial reincarnation of The Beatles and Joy Division, but with a little modern twist—and be sure to listen for a violin incorporated into a couple of songs—pretty snazzy. At some points, the vocalist is a dead ringer for John Lennon, which is something you don’t hear too often these days, especially with the more traditional rock bands floating about. They just released their debut four-song EP, The Mainline Mile, free via their website. It’s definitely worth a listen. - Sara Slagle, Vintage Minimalist Blog (Brooklyn, NY)


The Mainline Mile EP (May 2010)
Part One (Feb 2009)



Astrid : (as-trid), a female given name, meaning beautiful goddess of divine strength

Pierce : a male given name, meaning rock, or extremely talented, powerful, handsome man

Brooklyn band Astrid Pierce formed in 2008 as a three-piece band, with guitarist and vocalist Mike Pawlowicz, bassist Matt Vollmer and drummer Cici Harrison. Guitarist, violinist and vocalist Craig Harff joined the band in 2009. From their energetic drumming that draws on the primal beats of tribal drums to the blues-tinged violin that plays lines like a guitar, Astrid Pierce has a unique and inescapably catchy kind of sound that’s regrettably rare in today’s music scene. These are no good-enough-for-now pop songs with here-and-gone indie scenester appeal. Astrid Pierce is a band dedicated to making rock music that, in their words, has “no expiration date.”