Astro Club Blonde

Astro Club Blonde

 New York City, New York, USA

Astro Club Blonde is committed to bringing all the excitement and style of mainstream pop to the world of DIY music. Guitar solos, touchpad synths, autotune and dance beats; a proud synthesis of the music of the modern city.


After forming in 2009 and quickly recording their first EP, Astro Club Blonde began playing around NYC, finding themselves popular with event promoters for their high energy live performances, their sense of visual theater, and their dance oriented style. The band formed around their collective admiration of pop and dance music. But, the band is rare, in that they are attempting to bring large-scale pop music and showmanship to DIY music and small venues.

The music is high energy dance music with catchy pop vocals and hooks. Zach De Sorbo and Logan Olberg are unmatched in their ability to write unique, catchy pop songs. They draw their influences from the likes of Britney Spears, Banarama, all the way to Kraftwerk and Korean bubble gum pop music. After the first chorus almost everyone at the show sings along with the band. Astro Club Blonde attempts to create a care free environment where even the wall flowers can come forth to the dance floor and have a good time. More often then not the band ends up on the dance floor with everyone else- shouting into their microphones and ripping solo's on their electronic touch pads.


New as Tommorrow EP- 2010
-Young Turks
-My Girl
-New as Tomorrow

BLUSH (Album)-2011
-Godard Movies
-Oh Boy, Oh Girl
-She's So Easy
-Cage of My Love
-USA (featuring C-Hust)
-Night Shift (featuring NRH)

Set List

Oh Boy, Oh Girl
Godard Movies
My Girl
She's So Easy
Night Shift
Cage of My Love

Set can range from 30- 45 mins.