Astroid Boys

Astroid Boys

 Cardiff, Wales, GBR
BandEDMHip Hop


Here's a Newspaper article which we feels describes us pretty well...

"The best music always manages to capture the spirit of the age, and for me the Astroid Boys are no exception to that. I loved watching the rise of Grime and Dubstep, for me it felt like the perfect soundtrack to the rising recession and frustration. It served as a backlash against the bland manufactured indie and pop that had dominated for so long. The generation coming up took to the raw, aggressive sound of Grime and the filthier edge of Dubstep like Alligators to Swamps but eventually even that required a backlash. Although it’s still going strong at a street level and still attracts a massive following on YouTube (mainly from the same type of kids who years ago would have been bumping Eazy E tapes… like me), many of the bigger Grime acts got fed up of the negativity surrounding the scene and opted for saccharine pop stardom, losing their edge and becoming another cog in the machine. Benji and Traxx also got fed up of a lifestyle that was not only negative but could often turn violent, a fact that both have experience of. Taking their cues from Hip-hop groups they grew up listening to such as Jurassic 5 and their old skool party approach, they set about developing a far more positive lifestyle and sound without having to sacrifice their creative energy. As Benji puts it, “The passion to make music in front of people is the same but now I feel that they want to embrace my happy thoughts instead of the angry negativity that people stuck to with Grime.”

Not that this is conscious, political, change the world material. Think new Beastie Boys rather than Public Enemy, with an agenda of parties and girls still very much high priority. This is my initial point about their relevance to the times however. As with the late 80s, times of doom and gloom eventually need a release and these boys are penning a silver lining round the clouds with a big phat magic marker.

Well versed in entertaining crowds since school, Traxx was touring the country with Hardcore Punk Bands at 14, whilst Benji was tearing down Grime shows and making a name for himself on the South Wales scene, winning various clashes in Cardiff and Newport. Traxx eventually moved into Grime, rolling with a couple of crews, quickly gaining recognition for his quick fire wit and delivery. After both their conversions from the dark side, they hooked up together and then met DJ Comfort, resident DJ at two of Cardiff’s most respected club nights, CYNT and Neuropol, through a mutual love of Basketball, Food and Trainers. Finally they discovered the youngest member of the crew, their producer Dell, of whom Traxx enthuses, “Dell’s like our secret weapon, I can’t preach enough about this guy, he’s just 15 and he’s one of the baddest producers around… he’s a hard worker, on point, switched on and knows a lot about a lot.”. Altogether they make a great family unit and if their recent shows are anything to go by they’ve definitely managed to attract a like minded audience. “The crowd that we have now is fantastic!” says Benji, “In the grime days none of the people around were your friends, they just had to stay involved in the scene so that they could know what the latest Beef was about!! These days I’m greeted by crowds of smiles & people that actually want to have as much fun as i do.”

As much Dirty Sanchez as Dirty Goodz, the boys are well known for their crazy antics and generally no show is complete without at least a touch of crowd surfing as their YouTube videos will attest to. This year they’ve performed at Bestival, Newport Festival, various club nights and been one of the few live acts to perform at Bedlam. They also managed to pack out Cardiff Arts Institute for the launch of their first single Jungle Booku. They shall be accompanying GLC for a number of dates on their UK tour and will be returning to the CAI to host their very own Christmas Party on Dec 9th. This will be their first show incorporating a live drummer and the night will also feature DJs such as Magenta and Curtamos and two of the country’s finest Beatboxers – Beatbox Fozzy and Beatbox Major (who is also a regular feature in the Astroid Boys live show). It’s been a great year so far for the boys it seems and I can’t help feel that this is just the beginning for them."


Jungle Booku / Party & Bullshit (Juvenile Scum0
Space Jam EP
Rawdee (Free Release)
Mike Lowrey (Free Release)