Here`s what the myspace peeps say. `Beautiful dreamy music.’ `It just flows........wonderfully .’ `I love your music... very inspiring.’ `Astrolab are the makers of incredibly serene and peaceful music.’


Astrolab were born in St.Albans.

Stephen Smith and husband and wife Jules Levy and Hannah Stevens had been jamming with each since the mid nineties.

They met sound healer Kym through a mutual friend sometime in 2003.
All had a diverse and varied experience of the live circuit in and around London aswell as on the festival circuit.
They immediately found a common ground and began to write, record and perform together.

In 2006 they released their debut album on iTunes

Astrolab have been gaining cult status over the past year with the help of myspace and a few memorable performances.Priding themselves on a large amount of improvisation when performing using Kym voice as an instrument.
They also had two songs included on Vibration Records release `The Journey'

Kym -
Aswell as creating with Astrolab Kym has also been involved with the healing / new age label Paradise Music , recording an album for them with the band Maya in 2005 and releasing her own solo album A Womans Journey in 2006. Kym is also a trained sound healer.

Steve Smith –
Multi instrumentalist Steve toured the summer festivals in Britain with various
live dance acts in the 90`s. At the end of the nineties he recorded with Skubadunka. They made one album Shanti before they split.

Jules Levy -
In the nineties Jules played with various jam bands in N.Wales before returning back down south. At the turn of the millennium he released his first e.p. and began playing solo in and around North London.He continues to write and record his own brand of folk/blues.

Hannah Stevens –
A self taught harmonium player, Hannah also loves to play the ukelele like her hero George Harrison.Her distinctive vocals can be heard on Butterfly`s Wing.

Please visit myspace/astrolabuk

Jules and Hannah can also be found at


Butterfly`s Wing

Written By: Hannah Stevens

Hold tight silver sister,
Stand tall golden brother.

If it all matters,
then its everything.

Just dont forget,
the butterfly`s wing...

The butterfly`s wing.


Astrolab - untitled debut available from iTunes.