BandHip HopAvant-garde

a white kid takes topics from the audience and freestyle raps whole storys out of the fragmented subject matter, then backs it up with a musical mixture of shoegazer, country, electro, and hiphop.


Astronautalis raps. Sometimes he raps about his father's time spent on the railroads, sometimes he raps about what happens when alcoholic robots fall in love with cheatin' heart breakin' human women, much of the time, he raps about what ever you ask him to rap about. Backed up by everything from break beat drums, accordians, and what could only be classified as an unhealthy obsession with slide guitar.


People Often Tell Me I am Good at What i Do (EP)
Texas Kinda Rhymes with Sexist (EP)
Garden of Fireflys (EP)

the songs:
"open house"
"people often tell me i am good at what i do"
have recieved broadcast and streaming radio play

Set List

Freestyle (accapella)
Freestyle (over an instrumental)
Hurricane Isabel
Gangster Shit
Freestyle (over an instrumental)
People often tell me i am good at what i do