Astronaut Jones is garage rock dressed in its Sunday best. Their music is an eclectic mix of keyboard backdrops paving the way for heavy guitars, soulful yet sarcastically angst-tinged lyrics, and high energy drum beats.


Astronaut Jones is an original rock band passionate about opening your ears to thier truly unique sound. Their music has a strong alternative rock foundation, but branches out to embrace each member's individual influences of garage, old school punk, metal, and grunge, among others. When playing together, the band's synergy creates a powerful sound that can be enjoyed by an audience of vast musical tastes.

Lead singer and bassist, Kate E has a moody voice which she uses to bring a melody to everything from heart felt ballads to hard rock tunes. Lead guitarist Kelly Kav adds gravel-crunching leads to their sound, often reminiscent of the Seattle grunge era. Last but certainly not least, drummer PJ Kurilla infects the audience with his contagious energy and groovalicious beats.

During the short time the band has been together, their hard work and dedication has paid off in many ways. The song "The Great Escape" was chosen from over 100 entrants to be one of 15 semi-finalist in WZZO's Back Yard Bands Competition in the summer of 2004. This was a huge compliment to the band, who had never played in Allentown, where WZZO is based, nor had any kind of following there. A few months later, the band had its first opportunity to open for a national act when Goodfella's contacted them to set the stage for Bret Michaels, formerly of Poison. In late 2004, Blind Pigeon Records included Astronaut Jones on its 2004 compilation CD, which is available at Blind Pigeon events as well as on their website. The band has received media attention several times in a few local print publications, such as the Pottsville Free Press and the Pottsville Republican & Evening Herald. This is just a handful of the accomplishments this young band has made so far, and its members are determined to work even harder to achieve their goals.

This is your invitation to jump on board with this musical must see. Astronaut Jones will provide the honest rock and roll to get you on you feet. You provide the moon! Astronaut Jones is currently recording their first CD and playing shows wherever they can.


Astrodemo- The pre-release to Astronaut Jones first CD features "The Great Escape"," Three Dollar Nikes" and" Rockstar". "The Great Escape" is currently played on WZZO's Backyard Bands and was featured as a semi-finalist in their 2004 Backyard's Bands competition. It's also included on the Blind Pigeon Records Completed 2004 Compilation CD.

Set List

Astronaut Jones' set lists are made individually for each show, taking into consideration the crowd and atmosphere of the venue. Songs are drawn from following list, with an emphasis on originals.

Astro Originals:
The Great Escape
Three Dollar Nikes
Dirty Little Secret
Goin' Down
I'm No One
Special Edition
New Stuff
The Ballad of Kelly and Kate

Astro Covers:
Seven Nation Army - The White Stripes
Volcano Girls - Veruca Salt
Sunday Bloody Sunday - U2
Sweet Dreams - The Eurhythmics
Joey Ramone - Sleater Kinney
Higher Ground - Stevie Wonder
Turning Japanese - The Vapors
Dreaming - Blondie
Big Bang Baby - Stone Temple Pilots