Astronauts of Love

Astronauts of Love


Original folk-rock band spearheaded by four accomplished songwriters, with a retro 60's feel-good vibe where peace and love abound.


Marilyn has written a bounteous bouquet of buoyant songs. Oh, and they are as beautiful as the ones yet to come. She plays guitar, violin and keyboards too. Zodiac sign: Yes. But don’t look for it in the night sky. The swan is gliding on the clear and tranquil lake.

Jef performs like he was raised by circus folk. You’ll find him way up there on the high wire doing meaningful things: Playing bass, keys, octave mandolin, squeezebox… all the unusual suspects. He’s a veteran of many recording and performing projects from Alex Chilton, to Martha Reeves.

Don makes his drums explode like delirious popcorn lullabies. His time-keeping rivals NORAD and NASA. He knows when the Earth gets a little off-axis too. . .

Jere discovered America in the back seat of a big-finned 1962 Plymouth with a push-button transmission. Dreamed he couldn’t sleep. Wrote down all the images he saw on the inside of his eyelids. Plays guitars, keys, mando, violin and dobro.

David races with himself everyday. He is both tortoise and hare. He lets us win by running his mind backwards to show us all we might have missed. Then, he grabs his guitars and fastforwards – showing us how to celebrate the wonder in every moment.


In progress...

Set List

--30 original songs, a few cool covers

--Up to three 45-minute sets