The story of Astronomer begins in late 2003 when singer/songwriter and Tennessee native Jody Shelton moved to New York City, where he began writing material for his dream band, albeit one that didn’t yet exist. After several months of playing this new material with various local musicians, Jody began to rehearse and record with producer/guitarist Eric Wilhelm in Eric’s Brooklyn-based Kitchen Sink Studios. In August 2004, Jody saw drummer Christopher Heinz playing buckets in a friend’s show. Impressed, Jody and Eric asked him to join the band the following week and Jody Shelton Band was born. The trio began recording their first EP, Rise in early 2005, while continuing the search for a bass player. Bassist Michael Pearce joined the band in Summer 2005 and the band began work on their follow up EP, Child. Despite a string of successful shows, a much-hyped music video and rave reviews for Child, success eluded the group and by the end of 2006, Pearce had left the band and Jody had severed ties with his management company, Lakeview Entertainment.

In early 2007, bassist Rob Calder expressed interest in joining the group and Jody aligned the band with new management. Riding the success of these fundamental changes, the guys asked guitarist Oscar Rodriguez from Nakatomi Plaza to join the band and Astronomer was born. The group completed a series of recordings with producer Nunzio Signore in September 2007 and will make their New York debut at the famed Bitter End on October 16th.


As Jody Shelton Band:
Rise EP, 2005
Child EP, 2006

Astronomer EP, 2007 (forthcoming)

Set List

We change our set list for every show. Our current repertoire includes:

Minute To Minute
Quiet Now
The Starting Place
Amy, Smiling
It's All Around You
I Can't Stop
All These Sounds