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Astro Physics

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Astro-Physics are a Brighton based band who came together in May 2007. They Combine elements of hip hop, funk, drum ‘n’ bass, rock and soul to create a totally unique sound. Over a short space of time they have gained a strong reputation, and captivated audiences far and wide.


Astro-Physics are one of the most innovative and original new bands to join the UK music scene. They have developed their sound and perfected their stage show injecting energy and soul into every performance. with an ever expanding local and national fanbase, Astro-Physics have big plans for 2009...

Astro-Physics have supported a number of artists such as: Pendulum, Taio Cruz, Dan Le Sac VS Scroobias Pip, Get Cape Wear Cape Fly, Sway, Skinnyman, Blacktwang, Kidz in the Hall, and more.

The band have two front men: Skilf and Deep Blak, two highly acclaimed rappers who are renowned for their magical blend of intricate lyrics and dynamic performances. Skilf was originally a drum 'n' bass MC and Deep Blak was heavily influenced by various oldskool rappers of the 80's, through their contrasting styles they have carved out a niche and struck a perfect balance between the old and the new.

The four other members - Steve Rainbow, Will Gardner, Andrew Middleton and Martin Deering all met while studying music at university and are well trained in Classical, Jazz and Contemporary styles. Their influences include: James Brown, Courteney Pine, Tower Of Power, Jurassic 5, The Roots, DJ Format, Muse, Roni Size, The Prodigy and Jamiroquai amongst others.

When performing, their experience and fluidity shines through complementing Skilf and Deep Blak’s barrage of lyrics. There is a solid chemistry between the musicians and the MC’s, it is very apparent that they are a band oppose to rappers with hired backing. It is this essence, this love of music, that continues to push Astro-Physics to new heights.

Astro-Physics are a fresh alternative to the current influx of 'samey' indie bands, they have universal appeal and are able to entertain any audience. Their fundamental ethic of 'looking outside the box' has established Astro-Physics as a gifted collective with a sound that is constantly evolving.


Astro Physics EP - streaming on Bebo, facebook, myspace, played regularly on Juice FM/Radio Reverb

Astro Physics - Drifting (album) sold several hundred copies at gigs.

Skilf - debut album "Original visions"
(Clandestine Cultivations 2007)

Skilf - New single "Slow Me Down (feat Michelle Ericsson)" (Riztone Records 2008) - received much airplay (Radio one, Juice FM, etc) and press coverage.

New Astro-Physics E.P "Big Bang Theory" will be released in the forthcoming months through 'in house' label Riztone Records.

Set List

Typical set is between 30 mins to an hour .

1. 24 hour Emcee
3.Rain Rain
4.Ha Ha
5.Keep It Poppin
6.Original Visions