Astrophysics For Fun

Astrophysics For Fun


We sound like the feeling you get when you sip your favourite hot beverage on a cold winters day. Relaxing yet still upbeat.


We all met at our high school, Parkdale C.I. in Toronto, Ontario. Ezra was friends with Graham and Matt, and after jamming with Graham they brought Matt into the mix and liked what they heard. Graham goes for more of an acoustic sound, where as Ezra likes faster and more upbeat music. Matt comes in as a very technical drummer.


What Happens In Narnia, Stays In Narnia EP release January 2009

Set List

We sometimes like to mix it up between acoustic and our electric songs. Other times we will have two separate sets as part of our show for each. Our sets can range from 30 minutes to almost 2 hours. We can do a few covers but prefer to stick to our original stuff.