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We create adult alternative jazzy rockpop music. Deep, intelligent, neo-retro groovin', funky and fun. Find perfect balance in overly dead serious to lighten up already silly. Broody dark breaks free into soaring spiritual positivity, all tight and loose. Walk the fine lines with us ...


We be lifetime ultra-musicians, brain-n-heartfully in love with all things music. Inspired in the 60's, we have never stopped since. Many, many bands, performances and recordings. This latest AsWeDream assembly feels to be the perfect vehicle for us making this music in this time and place. Carry on.

Influences: All That Is, including Beatles, Steely Dan, FooFighters, AC Jobim, Henry Mancini, Burt Bacharach, King Crimson, Santana, Yes, ELP, Zeppelin, Who, Cars, Cream, Jeff Beck, The RocketSummer, +oodles-n-oodles more, all the way up to the whole Kitten Kaboodle, kitchen sink inclusive.

We strive strive strive to be oh-so original, unique and distinctive. If it sounds too much like something big that's already been done, STOP and start over -- why do it again? Creativity is d name o-d game. Listen deep to seek that inner voice artistic vision, y'know? When doing this right, it ain't about the money, honey.


As We Dream

Written By: Michael Ososki

As we dream in this sleep
close to secrets we keep

Who knows what is really in there deep down under all the surface seen

As we dream of the past
things we hoped that would last

We can see time twist and turning to spin and take away beloved things

So maybe what will be will be
no matter what we do

But somehow that just can't be right - and I don't think it's the whole truth

As we dream and make plans
Try and hold time in our hands

Shifting winds that shape our houses will blow in ways that nobody knows

As we dream

But isn't that what life's about?
No waving a magic wand

The deepest freedom that we have is mostly how we respond

As we dream what may come
this deep pain and big fun

It's always only right now we have to make our reality

Everywhere (is everybody's home)

Written By: April and Mike Ososki

This world's sure getting full
I'm ready to give it a whirl
To get it arranged here
Let's smile at a stranger
I see no danger
To smile at a stranger

Everywhere is everybody's home
No point in going at it alone
down everybody's street
A piece of you in everyone you meet

When you meet a new face
You get to know a different place
No matter if it's high or low
You've got to let your love show
Hearts will glow and grow
When you let your love show

When the world
don't treat you right
Go inside to find your light
If the world don't treat you fair
Remember you're not alone
in out there

Be My Gravity

Written By: Ososki/Simon

Baby be my gravity

Flat on my back staring up at the sky
Watch the white clouds as they sail slowly by
Held to grass, the earth spins around
Feel the dew, wet on the ground
Squeeze eyes tight – imagine myself
Spinning through space off somewhere else
Then a shadow creeps in eclipsing the sun
I open my eyes – know you’re the one

Baby be my gravity
You can be my gravity
Pull me down, hold me down
Plant my feet on solid ground
You can be my gravity

Flat on the bottom of my light blue pool
Holding my breath in like some kind of fool
Think of God, think of my death
Open wide, drink a deep breath
Imagine my friends all gathered ‘round
And me in the box, not making a sound
Then a face swims above me, bright as the sun
I open my eyes – know you’re the one

I'm lifting off for parts unknown
I need your love to guide me home
Don't want to face the dark alone


As We Dream - 2006 single
Everywhere (is everybody's home) - 2006 single
Be My Gravity (akoustika) - 2007 single
Be My Gravity (rawkola) - 2007 single
All tracks airplay on multiple stations.

Set List

One set typical, ~45-minute duration.
SONG LIST (all original):
1. The Summer I Held Your Hand
2. Shaking Ground
3. Be My Gravity (rawkola)
4. What's True?
5. My Modern Mind
6. New Man
7. What Are You Waiting For?
8. In the End
9. As We Dream