As We Speak

As We Speak


The Seattle Intellectual Indie-Rockers "As We Speak" have been compared to Coldplay, Death Cab For Cutie, & U2. Self described, the band claims "If you like Kevin Federline, you'll hate us."


"Poetic Indie Rock with an eclectic rhythm section." That's how the Seattle group of four, As We Speak, describes their recent body of work. With influences including U2, Death Cab For Cutie, & Coldplay, these skillfully equipped hipsters have been tabbed "the artist to watch out for in the future" by XM Radio's Channel 52.

As We Speak is currently receiving spins on more than 100 commercial and internet radio stations in over 20 countries worldwide. Not bad for a group who cut their first full length album "Lost In The Station" within the past calendar year. Make sure to pick up a copy of AMMA Magazine's May 2006 issue where As We Speak will be featured in a half-page article as well as on the included compilation disc. You can find their excellent tunes on every major digital download service imaginable (including Apple's iTunes Music Store). Consistently beating out hundreds of bands in radio contests, live performances, & licensing opportunities, it's only a matter of time before the fellas take their show to the national stage.


A Crime Is Born

Written By: As We Speak

Racing down the terrain, there's a carriage chauffeuring away
And the static is rising, skies were lit and unchanging
There's a cage that's spiraling, my face is dry in panic
A bitter cause, my only take, like being dragged through a landscape

And a crime is born
Blood is drawn
The torrent has not settled
All along that stone was used
All along that stone was used

A tweed collar and worn out slacks
Now I'm running with broken glass
Confined to this home that I shaped
With silent films displayed

The taste of cigarettes and aged rum
Women brew through the day
You were lying in the ultra violets
I was sleeping in a silence

Moonlit Mile

Written By: As We Speak

The princess storms in like a judge
To medicate and show her grudge
The rafters are hanging from the ceiling
They seem to sway with each step, I don't know why

I don't know why.....the faucet keeps running down the drain
I don't know why.....the window shines in the dark

Out of the phone booth and on train tracks
Left without a coat or hat, tensions rise keep
escalating, the handles lost who will replace it

This jungle reveals a strange deceit
On the sidewalks there's salt in the breeze
Nothing is settled and the train starts leaving
There's moonlit miles on the crossroad lanes
I don't know why

Raking in the stale leaves, the essence of that winter breeze
The bitter cold has spread, into the cabin and woodshed
I don't know why


Lost In The Station 2005 Shake Recordings

singles: Moonlit Mile, Diamond Fist, A Crime Is Born

Set List

10-12 songs
45 minutes to an hour

all orginal material

set lists are easily modified to fit time slots 25 min to 2 hours