Asylum Bedlam

Asylum Bedlam


Hailing from Vodice (Croatia) The unrelenting force known as, “Asylum Bedlam” uses introspection and electronic elements to create a unique mix of Goth, Industrial, and Metal


ASYLUM BEDLAM was officially formed in May 2007 in Vodice (Croatia), and today counts five band-members. Asylum plays dark and energetic music with electronic influence and their inspiration usually comes from their inner voices. They play original music, which is influenced by bands of the industrial, gothic and shock rock scenes.

The lyrical theme is going through the dark side of truth but also reaches into the corridors of abstraction. In their lyrics they are not the critics but the spectators and their songs are just an abstract preview of what will happen on the basis of what is seen. The lyrical topics vary from black humor and voices, to pure criticism of the rotten human psyche, and times in which we dwell.


Don't Believe Them

Written By: Tonci Zekonjic

Don't waste my priciest gift,keep running away
You can be more than a slave in
a holographic space

Shotgun on our face and you call yourself good,
frequency in witch i exist,explain a lot

Don't believe them

''become'' a huge black holes on our souls long ago
Every paranoid mother
knows our alphabet of names

Shout gun on our face and you call yourself
Alien frequency in witch i exist,explain a lot

Don't believe them

All the envy parents are begin in depression
cause my star now shones
on there beloved kids
all the hope you promoted it's all love you give
can't bribe me no more,you can't bribe the kids

For Those Who Will Understand

Written By: Tonci zekonjic

Wheel of death is coming down
and brings the peace of higher sphere
new age of grotesque
i shoot again

You the passing grace from better side
of space,you can't buy my power,
But you can see all what is mine, all that
gold i not wearing

Mystery never answered,who is hide behind the mask of
With the skilled hand replaced it's thirst,
Tragedy is only

That promised greed which spread the world,who can blame my towers

When fate is truth and victims blind in your priciest valley

me now you deaf horns and sons of great despair,
mortals and immortals in
cities which i dwell,
I've been around in every season,
spread my wings
'from' new eclipse

Why if you try to prove that i will choke the every
flower and every older
my game will never end I'm too independent ,like all
should be


2008- 8 trax demo "Madman Industry"
2008- 3 trax EP "Left to Parasite" featured song "Wicked Passion" riches out to 2000 Radio stations.

2009-14 trax debut album titled "Magna Mana Fetish"

Track NB 10 "For Those Who Will Understand" and track NB 14 "Don't Believe Them are on free download as a gift to the coolest fans on this planet.

Many of the tracks are in rotation by 1000 Radio st.. out there!

Set List

Don't Believe Them
Once Hope
Are You Happy?
Ritual of Doom
This Is It
Wicked Passion

and more.

Sometimes we are having fun covering most eminent musicians like:M.Manson,Rammstein,P.Fluid