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Out of a ministry on skid row LA with the homeless, and a hip hop community out of Klub Zyon in Leimert Park, Asylumz is creating a buzz with their Worsh-Hop Experience. Following the footsteps of King David, Asylumz will become "even more undignified" in worshipping.


Newsong, a church located in Irvine CA, lead by pastor Dave Gibbons has launched churches locally, regionally and globally. These expanses include places such as Bangkok, Mexico City, India, London , Dallas Texas, North Orange County and Los Angels, just to name a few. Without a doubt the Newsong alliance is growing, this church even has it’s ear to the streets, 2 ½ years ago Newsong's LA covenant Church lead by pastor Adam Edgerly launched a Church on the streets of Los Angeles's notorious skid row, America’s homeless capital; no walls, no buildings, just the words, some food, some clothing, the people, and the street corner of Wall and Winston.

Out of this church comes a group called Asylumz, a name coined by Gibbons, and with that came a sound called Worsh-Hop. Worsh-Hop is Worship in new skins, the sound was developed by Xealot Music through the production of Mercy Diamonds, and named so by DJ Redeemed of the 12th tribe out of Bakersfield, CA. Members of Asylumzs Isaiah Reyna a.k.a Izakela and Jonathan Serrins, a.k.a Lyrakela, are both well experienced in youth ministry, both developing a strong religious and musical zeal in their teenage years.God has put it on their hearts to see their generation as well as those who are younger than they are fall in love with Jesus, and live radically for Him, the intensity in Asylumz music makes that very clear.

Worsh-Hop is a combination of Southern, and west coast hip hop, R & B, and Rock, the fusion of sounds mirrors the diversity of the group, which is third culture (some one who was born in one culture but was raised in another) by description. Though IZ and Lyra are the face of the group, Asylumz is comprised of a community of believers, therefore when you show up at an Asylumz Gig you never know who you may see with them. The Wosh-Hop movement was ignited in Crenshaw California, at Klub Zyon which takes place at Kaotic Sounds, the Legendary hip hop location of California. Zyon happens every third Friday nights where Worship is all about Worsh-Hop. This new community is clearly taking the youth culture by storm. Invite Asylumz to your events; encourage your youths and young adults, Most of all, EXPERIENCE WORSH-HOP.


Jesus Christ is a Healer

Written By: Gregory Eaton, Isaiah Reyna, and Jonathan Serrins (Asylumz)


Jesus Christ is a Healer
Put your hands up if the Lord roll with ya
Do you accept him "hey"
Do you accept him "hey"
Do you accept him "hey"
Do you accept him "hey"
Put your hands up and let me see you stomp, Now walk it out and Holy Ghost it if you want
Do you reject him "no"
Do you reject him "no"
Do you reject him "no"
Do you reject him "no"

Verse 1:
I'm in a gang called Xealot, we some peasants for life, You wanna roll with us? We only answer to Christ. I got the X to the Cross on the back of my arm. so if you mess with me Christ will do you the harm. Last name Reyna but you already know. I told God get my back and I'm down to roll. He said, "you're down to roll" I said, "I'm down to roll" Jesus Christ is the Healer and you already know

Yeah my first name Johnny, last name Cash, I'm always on the move because I'm moving in a dash. I got my lighter in the fire then it turn to ASH Mercy Diamond bring the "hey" thing he bring it right back with that boom boom click and that boom boom clack. Yeah my "canon" (reference to Bible, which is a collection of books- a canon) pointed at ya like rat ta tat tat. Cuz my first name's Lyra, last name kela.. don't get it twisted player ya my Jesus is a Healer!


verse 2:

We gonna keep the party moving put your hands up to the sky. Yeah I call them windshield wipers cuz they moving side to side. Get busy like a business man working 9 to 5, and they call me Mr. Bee Gee's trying to stay alive. Fool I'm Fire can't you see them flames tonight. yeah they call me point guard baby cuz my game is so tight. I got a game tonight and I came to fight. Got out the Cain game now I'm pushing that Christ!

Yo Necessito Dios. Yo Necessito Amor. El es el rey del rey El es el salvador. (translation: I need God. I need Love. He is the king of kings. He is the Savior) I got a Chevy and its heavy its my tonka toy. Ain't no devil in Hell that can still my joy. Dios eres Paz cuando tiempo es duro. Dios eres Paz cuando soy como burro (translation: God you're my peace when times are hard. God you're my peace when I'm stubborn (like a donkey). Yeah He's king of kings Yeah He's Lord of Lords. its Asylumz in the building we on one accord.




xealot prayse vol.1

Set List

15 to 20 min set
Jesus Christ is a Healer (3:26 mins)
Don't Even Trip (4:04 mins)
Crazy Prayse (2:35 mins)
Bless the Lord (3:50 mins)
What Can I Give