A Tailormade Fable

A Tailormade Fable


ATF combines punk-rock tendencies with elements of jazz that keep you right on the edge. Let these four young men hit the stage with their bass, drums, powerful vocals and acoustic weapons. ATF can create an aggressive tone or take you soaring far away! You gotta see them live!


Some great thinkers maintain that there is a thin line between genius and madness. Not only this limit has never been understood, but it remains a complete mystery. It seems that a similar parallel could appear in music. Would it be possible to draw a median line in a way that it simultaneously split and join gentleness, melancholy and fury? A Tailormade Fable is the outcome. Finding their inspiration in punk as well as in pop-rock, this young band of composers-songwriters has been reinventing acoustic music like never before. Who could have imagined that one day, such a forceful sound would come out of soft acoustic guitars. Well… A Tailormade Fable excels at it!

Coming from the region of Quebec City, more specifically from Ste-Marie, these four experienced musicians are determined to make their mark. Despite the long hours packed towards each other, the lack of sleep and a very tight budget, nothing can stop them from fulfilling what they are working harshly for: making the world their oyster…

So far Remy, Mike, Matt and P-E did not waste their time. On Sunday April 3rd 2005 at the Monkey of Ste-Foy, the die was cast! A Tailormade Fable performed in front of a frenzied crowd of more than six hundred people and was unanimously crowned the great champions of the 2nd Skin Rock Contest. It only took nine performances for the young band to win people’s heart and to attract media’s attention. With already more than 75 shows to its name in different Canadian provinces, A Tailormade Fable had the opportunity to participate in many major events. On March 29, the group did the first part of one of the biggest Canadian underground band; The Weakerthans. On July 23rd took place the Xtreme Summer Fest, a North American extreme sports event welcoming more than 3000 participants. A Tailormade Fable was within an inch to top the bill despite the spotlight put on the well known American group; Goldfinger. ATF also had the unique opportunity, on September 23rd, to hit the stage with Silverstein! Since then, the band has played in well known places in Montreal like the Hard Rock Café and the Club Soda.

A Tailormade Fable already has sixteen original compositions to its account. Four of them are on the first E.P which was issued in November 2004. At present, the group members have just released their first L.P (10 Tracks) and they are planning a summer tour across Canada. ATF we’ll also be part of many important events this summer such as Woodstock en Beauce (June 28th) and The Vans Warped Tour 2006 (august 12/Barrie,On. and august 13/Montreal, Qc.). Well, so far, it seems like nothing can stop them…

An invading feeling, a rage you can’t control, a unique idea, a story to tell…

A Tailormade Fable


Wothless Dialogue

Written By: A Tailormade Fable

Don’t try to hold your breath just relax so you’ll forget…
Are you trying to figure out your life?
Cause it’s such an useless trial since it comes to you as a lie
It’s something that you can’t deny

«Don’t call me, I’m sorry, I’m not the one you should see»
«Don’t panic, ignore it…»
Such worthless advice

«Hey! Face it all or breakdown!»
I guess there’s nothing to gain from all your advice
«Hey! Face it all or breakdown!»
I guess there’s nothing… to gain

When everything you love is crashing down on the ground
It’s something that you can’t rely on
When everything you hope is just to release your soul
How long are you able to wait?

«Don’t call me, I’m sorry, it’s something that I won’t feel»
«Don’t panic, ignore it…»
Such worthless advice

«It’s something that I won’t feel…»

A stain on the picture

Written By: A Tailormade Fable

A stain spoils the picture
Negative, breaks the mood
A night brings to failure
Deceiving when it’s you and me
I’m walking away cause I can’t look at these white pills
I’m leaving you alone without showing you I disagree

Forgive and forget
But there is something that I don’t get
Opened eyes you slept
I think I get a little upset

All the words you say

They make no sense
I think you’re lost
In you sentence
You’re so lost
Can’t hear anyway what you’re trying to say

I can’t set the mood
A white chaperon is in the room
I can’t feel the heat
Is there a wall between you and me?
Is anything wrong?
Has something fucked up your speech?
I hate this kiss, it’s white and dry

Will you lie and fake
Until I’m pissed with this mistake
Don’t wake up too late
Don’t you see that it can all break?

There’s a stain on the picture, a brain to repair

A quick glance at the program

Written By: A Tailormade Fable

Just to see how many miles are still left ‘til the next ressupplying
To believe in the fact that my feet on this track still deserve the shoes I’ve been assigned

As a boost that would make myself jump over puddles and traps
As a tool kit designed to repair the ignition of faith that previously collapsed

For only once can I cheat?
For only one time
For only once can I read
Just only one line?
Please just a quick glance at the program

In this fog some predictions can end absolutely wrong
Will the lightning of an uncertain forecast hit me in the back as I scramble alone

Like a child who would ask for a tale when he’s scared at night
Wanna know if my future is worth the effort that I give in my everyday fight

To feel safe saying “I am”
Just a glance at the program

So I’ll get to the room where no one got to
Find the key for that secret case
I’ll leaf through every file until I find my name out
And disappear without a single trace
I’ll write down every chapter’s headline
Orderly on a precious sheet
From an “up” to a “down” I will follow that guideline
Then feel the stable ground under my feet


EP November 2004 (4 Tacks)
Just Because, Fakelook, Regrets, The songs that I write

LP April 2006 (10 Tracks)
I'll say I'm right, Just Because, Feels good without you, Wordless monologue, Worthless Dialogue, The songs that I write, A quick glance at the program, A Stain on the picture, Make the right choice, Plastic Stars

Radio airplay for the songs «Just because» «The songs that I right» «Worthless Dialogue»
CHIK 98.9 FM, CHEK 101.3 FM, CIMI 103.7 FM, CHYZ 94.3 FM

Set List

Just Because
Fake look
Worthless Dialogue
Plastic Stars
I'll say I'm right
A Stain on the picture
A quick glance at the program
For better days and Paradise
As the sky turns black
The songs that i write
(50 min)

Songs left: Feels good without you, regrets, It falls on you, Asleep in the factory (20min)