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Atari Blitzkrieg

Alexandria, Virginia, United States | INDIE

Alexandria, Virginia, United States | INDIE
Solo Hip Hop Rock


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Urb Magazine - Next 1000"

Atari Blitzkrieg :: WTF!!!
Sheltered Fallout Records / Godsendant Music

Reviewed by Jason Kordich

From Virginia, Atari Blitzkrieg( Gangster Name: Orange Julius) has been writing/producing music since 1995. Wanting to avoid the industry limelight, Atari just wants to make music his own way. From Royce Da 5'9 to Wildchild and LMNO, Craig G, Rapper Pooh, Motion Man, and Rakka Iriscience Atari has held his own with some of the best independent MCs in the game. This nonconformist futurist unleashes over a psychedelic backdrop imagery that will have you echoing the title of the song (WTF) as you sit in disbelief over the insightful and often humorous way he mends his words together. With his name being comprised of one of the originators in the gaming industry and form of mechanized warfare, it is clear that this is an MC seeking to bring originality to the game by unleashing an attack on everything that it has become. - Urb Magazine

"Artist Profile: Atari Blitzkrieg is Hip-Hop’s Cheshire Cat"

Atari Blitzkrieg is putting out a full-length record. Why this is amazing is that it comes after the self-release of ten, count ‘em - TEN E.P.s. That is a lot of practice and market-testing. You can feel it when you first encounter his wicked laid-back ciphers - there is something immediately centered, self-assured and right about his mixes and his flow. Counter to the frenetic sense of his namesake, Atari Blitzkrieg is not a noise-core post-electro-clash/Blade Runner tributary. Evoking something more along the lines of Jedi Mind Tricks sharing kind with Common and maybe even MC. 900 Ft. Jesus, Atari Blitzkrieg is ready too drop a fat collection of eloquence and Cheshire Cat propensity on the sleepy indie music world. Recently featured in Urb Magazine’s Next 1000 list, Kick, Punch, Fight, Rhyme will be released June, 2009.

Here is what the man had to say for himself from his underground fortress in Lorton, Virginia, when pressed by

MZ: Who?

Atari Blitzkrieg! I’m the man who crafts the clever prose you hear, composes the strange soundscapes the phrases go over, pays for the records I occasionally sample, plays the instruments that might appear within the soundscapes, designs most of my artwork and cracks heads open.

MZ: What?

I prefer “drum-based poetry,” a general classification would be indie hip-hop, but with the variety of genres I incorporate into the music it tends to float around, keeping drums and the words as a constant. It’s been called “futuristic,” “space-age,” and “non-conformist.” I once did a track that was sort of a cover of The Cranberries “Zombie,” I did a track about my family that was more indie rock, had a song with John Lennon on it, I just did a track that’s pure house but you know, it’s all me, I never force anything to try to adapt. My first single, “Rokkonorrottenhell,” had Groovie Mann of My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult on the A-Side and Royce Da 5'9 on the B-side, it’s just the diversity of the music I create.

MZ: Why?

Anytime you are able to be creative and have fun doing something you enjoy, then why not? I don’t create the music to make money, I do it to keep iPods all over the world happy. I like being able to blur genres and develop music that expands past a certain niche. I think the overall classification of my music has created negative connotations that keeps potential listeners away and I do what I can to reel them back in. Plus I am able to create new things that have nothing to do with music, like my PS3 theme … Atari on your Playstation 3!

MZ: Until When?

Until I am unable to make music. I’ve been doing it since 1995 and I still enjoy doing it, but as a husband and a father, you need to be able to balance time. If I get to a point where I can’t do it all, then the music will go. Fans will cry, the skies will rain blood and the planet will fall into a state of disarray. Robots will begin to wreak havoc on the planet, bringing on a nuclear apocalypse that destroys the remaining humans.

MZ: Where?Atari Blitzkrieg writing in the 70's

I’m global man, I don’t do the tour thing so I prefer giving the fans a healthy supply of music to satiate appetites. I have an idea about doing digital shows that I’ll begin playing with later on this year, so stay tuned. Until then you can find my stuff at my record label’s site ( or any major digital store (iTunes, Amazon, etc.), just type in my name and let the wonders begin. A big shoutout to the fans who have supported the music, I do all I can to show my appreciation. And a shoutout to MZ from AB of VA in the USA, LOL!

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Free EP’s, PS3 Theme, etc: - Music Zeitgeist


As Atari Blitzkrieg

2007 - Rokkonorrottenhell Single with Groovie Mann of My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult and features The Forsaken 2.0 with Royce Da 5'9 and Krohme and remixes.

2007 - iGod EP

2008 - Black EP

2008 - <3:lessthanthree EP with Krohme

2008 - Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test EP

2008 - Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test Single with John Lennon

2008 - Morgan Freeman Single with Wildchild and Breez Evahflowin, also features Tom Cruise, Harrison Ford with Krohme & Leathafase and Scarlett Johansson and remixes.

2008 - A Hand-Made Soul EP

2008 - The Apollo Creed Episodes EP (Producer series EP with Karl Lazlo)

2008 - The Apex of Excitement EP (Producer series EP with Marink D)

2008 - Apologies for None EP (Producer series EP with DeNovo)

2008 - Rack-Lo - Play The Encore (Guest)

2008 - Krohme - Think Twice feat. Motion Man, Rapper Pooh and Breez Evahfowin (Guest)

2008 - Krohme - The Judgment feat. Lord Jamar (Guest)

2008 - Krohme - Avoid the Static Feat. Craig G, Beretta 9, Reef the Lost Cauze (Guest)

2008 - Krohme - The Immortals Feat. Sabac Red, Breez Evahflowin, Rakaa Iriscience, Chavito, Clap (Guest)

2008 - Krohme - Dark Water Feat. Karniege & Little Indian (Guest)

2008 - Krohme - Seyelintz Or Veyelintz Feat. LMNO (Guest)

2008 - Beyond Comprehension - Free Radicals (Guest)

2008 - Abel Battery - Tetrisphere Remix (Guest)

2009 - Subconscious Tales of Dream Kids in Utero Single

2009 - The Central Parking Lot Rangers feat. Vast Aire Single

2009 - The Central Parking Lot Rangers EP

2009 - 1-800-Be Atari Single

2009 - Blood Coffee Single

2009 - The Melancholy Tales of Extraordinary Robot Avengers EP (Summer 2009)

2009 - Kick, Punch, Fight, Rhyme LP

2009 - Abel Battery - Fake feat. Powder (Guest)

2009 - Little Indian - Attention Stay Alert feat. Krohme (Guest & Produced)

2009 - D-Life - Atari Blitzkrieg's Blitz By Blitz Remix feat. RAVAGE the Meccagodzilla & Viva Fidel (Produced)

2009 - Ain't Dead Yet EP

2009 - SlowRot EP with The Beautiful Chaos Project

2009 - August Plush EP

2009 - 12.30.99

2009 - 12.31.99

2010 - The Melancholy Tales of Extraordinary Robot Avengers

2010 - Serial Port Experiments

2010 - Perfect Blue

2011 - The Moments that Unfold Before Me in Time

2011 - <3: Lessthanthree Volume 2 - Elevation from the Endless Void of Manufactured Insanity

2011 - Technicolor Crime Scenes

2011 - Magnificent Blitzkrieg



Maryland born, Virginia Raised, Atari Blitzkrieg has been recording and producing since 1995 but due to real life situations didn't release his first single until 2007. The Rokkonorrottenhell maxi-single featured hip-hop icon Royce Da 5'9, Groovie Mann from the industrial band My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult and producer Krohme (Obie Trice, Kool G Rap). He has since worked with major names in hip-hop, Lord Jamar and Sadat X of Brand Nubian, Speech of Arrested Development, Craig G, MC Serch, Daedelus, Flying Lotus, Rapper Pooh (of Little Brother), Vast Aire, LMNO, Roc C and Wildchild among others, rock and folk singers and indietronica bands.

He has released 3 full-length albums, 17 EP's, countless singles and guest appearances and has lent his production skills to artists signed to major and indie labels. He has also launched a sub-label, Sheltered Fallout Records under Godsendant Music that puts out releases of all genres. He was recently selected as one of Urb Magazine's Next 1000,and he was also featured in the Member Spotlight section of Sonicbids.

His lyrical content ranges from real-world issues (economy, poverty, war) to video games to fierce combative verbal barrages. He doesn't try to fit into any box, he just creates the music he want's to make, one of the reasons why his music blurs genres, ranging from punk to metal to indie rock.

He is also a recognized activist, regularly donating all of the sales from his releases to charity, his recent charity work involved donating sales from his entire catalog to aid the victims of the Haiti earthquake.

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