Atavan is a pop-rock band that has a lot of energy. Every song emphasizes their song writting ability to incorporate a new fresh sound, with fun dance beats and driving rock.


Let's be honest, sometimes you just want to dance. Last February the four members of Atavan stopped at a Wal-Mart on the way to record their debut E.P, and bought one of those 90's dance mix CD's. That CD served its purpose as the sugar on top of their energetic album, "...With The World Asleep." Atavan brings together provocative lyrics and sexy vocals, with rock driven dance music and in your face drums. Just when you think you've heard the best part, they give you one better.

Recorded at Nada Recording Studios with producer John Naclerio (The Audition, Just Surrender, My Chemical Romance...) "...With The World Asleep" has sold over 1500 albums, and spent its first few months on's top 100 list. This past summer Josh, Christian, Teddy, Jim, and Joe took their adventure on their first tour, then continued on to join the warped tour for 4 weeks, quickly gaining loyal friends and die hard fans in every city along the way.

In late August, at just a year old, Atavan joined the Bands of the Future Tour for a few dates, starting in their hometown of Pontiac, MI, and ending in Omaha, NE. This October these fabulous five set out on their 3rd tour covering the Midwest and east coast for 2 months. Just one listen to this band, and you'll find yourselves just as eager to see them live and they are to shake your hands and hang out! There's no doubt these guys are destined for an amazing and promising future.


...With The World Asleep
1. Bodyfire
2. Don't Touch
3. This Won't Stop
4. Sleep Well
5. L & T Are Keeping "US" Together
6. The Shakedown

Don't Touch and The Shakedown have both had radio play on 89x in the metro Detroit area. Sleep Well has been featured on numerous web casts across the US as well.

Sleep Well, L & T Are Keeping "US" Together, and The Shakedown are available for streaming on our Myspace.

Set List

Our set list consists of our album, "...With The World Asleep", and an acoustic song not featured on our album called Street Lights. A live video of Street Lights can be found on our Myspace, as well as on