Making a stand on the idea that music at it's core transcends all boundaries. Relentlessly committed to artistry in tone and honesty in art. Immerse yourself in a concept that blazes across all genres, and experience tactful improv that speaks like fusion psychadelia and hints of a storm coming.


They say an idea is what you make it. Through love of art Ataxia has made their idea into a full concept that proves once again that you don't always need words to convey emotion or tell a story.
Through in depth sets which encompass both composed concept art and intelligent improvisation they never cease to interest a wide variety of listeners.
Now quickly becoming the buzz on the internet and a feast for the ears they bring a jazz spirit and energy to the midwest and world that is undeniable.


We have a recently completed concept album called "Just Listen". Two tracks have recived radio play on 99.1 The Rock Revolution. Tracks are availible for listening at

Set List

Our avarage set is expandable and consists of our current concept album, which is about forty minutes, as well other originals to fit the time needed. The appearence of a cover song is rare.