Across the Earth

Across the Earth

 Kansas City, Missouri, USA

Across the Earth is a two-piece from Kansas City who's music and dramatic live show is an experience you'll never forget. Their songs fit together like a puzzle of bassy guitar riffs, head nodding beats, proclamations of faith and organ drones. #artrock #progrock #riffrock #jesusrock


Across the Earth is a two-piece from Kansas City featuring Chris Bohatyritz and Nate Lewis. The duo met in Sarasota, FL in 2007 and started writing music when Chris relocated to Kansas City. Sharing interests in faith, worship, high energy riff rock and complex song structures, the two of them began to carve out a musical genre all their own.

Today, Across the Earth carries a tightly wrapped, charismatic set that's slightly mysterious and always energetic. They promise to keep your ears perky and your eyes in disbelief as they give you their all amongst mountainous stage props, light shows and more!


"Kingdom Come" released in June 2, 2012.
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"In The Valley of Elah" (released as Tarkus Attacks)
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Set List

1. Intro
2. Doom Myst
3. Wilderness
4. Mount Zion
5. Swamp
6. Alive!
7. Rise Again
8. Across the Earth
9. Sunshine Burns
10. Lay Yourself Down