Tha Monopoly

Tha Monopoly

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A representation of the best of the best. Ministering the Word of God through song, to a sick, dying, and hurting world. (pictured from l to r: Kayzon & "Johnny Storm a.k.a. Da Human Torch". Not pictured: Soula, I.V., A.O.


An "A" team is a varsity squad or simply the best, most experienced & valuable players on a team. Just like the old '80's t.v. show, Tha A-Team has always been able to go above & beyond the call of duty to help their sick, hurting, and dying generation. Tha A-Team has been around for eight years (ages 22-26). Da Torch, Sigma aka Big Sig, I.V., Soula, A.O., & Kayzon continue with the vision (I Sam. 16:14-23). As minstrels of the gospel they continue to exhort, correct, reprove, and even rebuke with anointed music. Being around for so long has given them the opportunity to minister w/ Out of Eden, The Word, 1Accord, Ben Tankard, Morris Chapman, Cayerio, The Anointed Lyrical Wiz, W.A.R. Klick, Lea, and The Gospel Gangstas among others. Their bold lyricism, take no prisoners attitude, and unfaltering stance on holiness has set them apart from most of their peers. They have been featured on the Otha Psyde ( pronounced Other Side) Mix Tapes Vol.'s 2 & 3.


2005: Otha Psyde Mix Tape Vol. 4: Mon.-Sat. (feat. on 2 tracks)
2003: Otha Psyde Mix Tape Vol. 3 ( feat. on 8 tracks)
2001: Holy South: Tha Movement (underground version) (feat. on 4 tracks)
1999: Otha Psyde Mix Tape Vol. 2 (feat. on 4 tracks)