A Texas Funeral

A Texas Funeral


Blending Prog/Punk/Indie and good old fashion Rock n' Roll, A Texas Funeral's unique sound will captivate the attention of music lovers ranging from a myriad of genres. With a live show that will leave you begging for more. ATF are taking a big step in the right direction..


Our project started in 2005 when five young rockers from all over Canada met up to discuss art, music and the trials and tribulations of everyday life. This motley crew were not child hood friends rather strangers who held certain beliefs in common. Pavlo and Chris found each other on a local message board, the two had very different tastes in music (Pavlo coming from the Hardcore/Prog Metal scene and Chris coming from the Punk/Pop Rock scene) but they shared the same goals and principals. They decided to invited a drummer, Singer and second guitar player to come out jam and see what would come of it.

It was clear to Pavlo and Chris that despite their different musical tastes they were meant to work together and that they were creating something ground-breaking. What was also clear was that they would need to find a proper Drummer and Vocalist as the others who auditioned didn’t share the same mentality as the two who would eventually become A Texas Funeral. Sadly this would be the theme for the years to come in. After holding multiple auditions the two found a rhythm section to round out the band and started work on their first EP. With Eric on Drums and Daniel on Vocals, it wasn’t long before the band had an EP worth of music and they took to the studio to record all the while playing shows regularly and keeping an active presence in the local scene. The months passed and many shows where played, finally after nearly 8 months in their home studio and having recorded the songs more than once, the band came out with an EP they though worthy of representing their name. A Texas Funeral hit the road for their first tour opening up for the Ataris on many of their Canadian dates, as well as opening for The Reason and Ghost of Modern Man. But the highlight show of theirs summer was definitely opening for Canadian Indie Band Choke on their Farewell tour, whom the band holds in high regards for their professionalism and musical talent . It was at that show that A Texas Funeral came in contact with Stu, owner of Fight the Mentality records. Stu was taken aback by A Texas Funeral’s raw power and innovative style. Stu immediately began talks with A Texas Funeral on signing them to a record contract. A Texas Funeral has signed with Fight the Mentality records and is set to have their first EP released through them.

After the summer tours the band took to working with Director Ryan Mullins (Eye Steal Films) to bring their single to life with the bands first music video. Monochrome Rendition was chosen for it’s catchy hooks, indie sound, and metal-ish guitar riffs, a perfect representation of the bands heavy and melodic side. After spending a couple of months editing the video and playing shows, sadly A Texas Funeral’s singer needed to relocate to Toronto to take a job building robots (not kidding). And the hunt began for a new singer, while they searched A Texas Funeral took the time to work on the promotion aspect of the band. With the local scene already abuzz with the new talent it was not hard to promote the bands name. A Texas funerals single Monochrome Rendition was purchased for a television commercial on Musique Plus. Music Plus is a Major cable network in Quebec akin to MTV in the United States. A Texas Funeral also secured a spot on a compilation (D-TOX –Xmas Comp over 40 000 copies sold) with great bands artists such as Wolf Parade and Protest the hero.
A Texas Funeral has never taken a minute to stop and relax. They realize this is also business, and in business it takes hard work and a professional attitude to get ahead. After meeting with over 30 singers, A Texas Funeral found what it was looking for in Karen Allan. Having just left her band Karen was aching to make some music and ATF was the perfect outlet for her. Her dedication and ability to adapt to this new and enteric style suit both her and A Texas Funeral.

Now armed with a new vocalist A Texas Funeral are working on a video for their first single off their New EP as well as completing their First Full length with Fight the mentality records.

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Views and Platitudes Of A Dreary Mind
"Monochrome Rendition"
Video's On rotation on Candian MTV:
"Monochrome Rendition"

Set List

We usualy do a 20-30 minute set mostly opening spots, with a mix of old songs from our First Ep and New songs from our Upcomming album. Sets vary from night to night depending on the style of the other bands on the bill.