Athala King

Athala King


Six fierce women. Earth shattering musicianship led by a down-home piano player, Athala King. A real life survior, born to tell her stories.Passionate grooves that rock, funk, pop and roll - all at the same time. Shine on!



From Jimmi Hendrix to Carole King, Elton John to the 'god father of the groove' bass legend, Chuck Rainey - this band has quite an influence of legends.

Led by the ever infectious and charismatic, award winning Texas singer/songwriter, Athala King - taking cues from greats like Ricki Lee Jones, Annie Lenox and Lucinda Williams. "The girl has got it going on...great songs, great performer!" Chuck Rainey.

Joined by funk guitarist Jen Leigh (Kelis, George Clinton & P-Funk, Toshi Reagon, Sweet Honey in the Rock). "The astonishing Leigh, a Malibu Cheerleader looker who channeled Hendrix" (LA Weekly)

Hilary 'Rock -n- Roll' Jones (Lee Ritenour, Robben Ford, Dave Grusin, Maria Muldaur, The Mamas & the Papas, Angela Bofill, Pete Excovedo ). A precison power player who leaves an indelible impression.

Argentinian bassist Vivian Rama (Alana Davis, Joselyn Wilkinson, Don Barrozo). Smooth and in the groove.

Hip vibes of singers Anna Montgomery (Shelby Lynne and the Anna Montgomery Band) and Katie Cole (Bandshe). They get you singer, they get you dancing.

It's all original, it's all real. A sweet, groove of sounds built on raw energy that keeps heads bobbing and toes tapping - get ready for a start to finish, get-your-groove on show. You won't just hear the difference, you'll feel it.


Catty, Simple-Minded Thing

Written By: Athala King


Catty, simple-minded thing
You’re such a catty, simple-minded thing
Don’t you bother thinking twice
Once would really be just fine

1. I don’t recall when I decided to be nice to you
I thought, “Hell, I might as well try…”
What a mistake, you really stink
The brains of a goldfish; nothing in-between

2. I hear you talk really loud
I can see you talking right now
Your friends come running just to dine in your trash
The depth of a toilet bowl; flush ‘em down at last

3. What you can’t do you make fun of
Who you do not like you make fun of
And, what you’ll never be you make fun of
And you just talk, talk, talk, talk, talk

White Trash

Written By: Athala King


White trash bigot ass sitting in a leather seat
You’re making so much money
You could feed a thousand kids a week
And I did not elect this thing
You’re just white trash, you’re just white trash
You are white trash sitting in my seat
(You are) sitting in my seat

1. Lay your fluffy head on your fluffy pillow
Insight and policy just flutter out a window
Nothing between you ears but air
No wonder you don’t listen and no wonder you don’t care
What the hell about you bugs the hell out of me?
What the hell about you bugs the hell out of me? Oh, yeah…

2. You don’t like women, don’t like Jews
Don’t like gays or other views
Don’t like the blacks or the poor
Sign us up to fight your war
Have you dug a single trench in your sheltered life?
Except on your ranch where you run and hide
You sexist, racist, homophobic pig

Green Toenails

Written By: Athala King


1A. I got green toenails, a tight short dress
Red high heels, I look like a mess
Went home put my docks on, tight jeans, cinched belt, t-shirt
Damn I feel better now

1B. I went to a bar a man slides by me
He touches my butt, says nasty dirty things
He’s got stiff hair, wears tight lumpy jeans
He says, “Come home and lay your sweet loving down on me”

2A. So I went to a party and a lady sits by me
She whispers in my ear, “I’ll do anything”
She’s got store bought boobs, a wig in disguise
I don’t know what she is; I’m not going there tonight
No way!

2B. They just, they come from nowhere, out of thin air
Just like ants, they’re everywhere
Oh they just, they come from nowhere, right out of thin air
Just like ants, they’re everywhere

But I can feel and I can see
I know the sun its (is) shinning right on me
No matter what you take, what you do
(You can’t) Steal my sun; it’s gonna shine all over you

State of Mind

Written By: Athala King


1. Charlie sat on his dead lawn and
Watched the cars linger on
Looking to buy a little action really cheap
And this is all he could afford
A run down trailer missing the front porch
Been living there since he was nineteen

Is this his paradise? Or is it just his state of mind?
Is this his paradise? Is it just his state of mind?

2. Sally lived right down the street
In the big white house with lovely trees
The guard at the gate would never let him sneak a peak
She’d slip out late at night to have some fun and try to get a life
Billy Bob’s Texas where she knew she’d meet
Oh, Charlie, the boy of her dreams

3. They’d dance all night long
Sing ever word to ever little song
Oblivious to what the world might think
He’d leave and go his way
She’d go back the way she came
Saying, “Baby, I’ll see you tomorrow”

This is their paradise; oh, and it’s just a state of mind
This is their paradise – or is it just a state of mind?

4. He only promised what he could give
His love and a place to live
She showed up Saturday with her belongings
They put her couch on their dead lawn
Drank wine from a box and carried on
Her mother never bothered to stop by

But I know,
This is their paradise; it’s just their state of mind
This is their paradise; and it just a state of mind
I know, it’s just a state of mind
I know, it’s just a state of mind


Athala King

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Set List

Typical set list 45 to 50 minutes in lenght. There is an optional second set, time permitting and upon request.

Below is an example of a typical set.

1. Mamma's Been Hurting
2. Watch as I Listen
3. Maybe
4. Funny Heart
5. Gotta be Free
6. State of Mind
7. Green Toenails
8. Catty, Simple-Minded Thing