we represent art in music. we like to think we are educated and informed. we blend modernist art concepts with our music while still acknowledging the past and comtemporary. the music is aggressive and to the point, always as simple as possible.


(drawing lines you can cross)

Athame have no time for the either/ors that ask for straightforward pop or strange avant-garde, either hard or soft. They mix technical perfectionism with organic structures, finding it no surprise that geometric beauty of the music should naturally contribute to an organic structure and tone. Science and symbolism, art and math, merge and dissolve.

Athame sound like running through a forest.

Matt's drumming, asymmetries set in symmetry, snakes in and out of your consciousness, setting the pace for your footsteps and demanding that you always go faster. Nathan's bass, skips and breaths of a ladder that trips you underfoot, traces dark paths and roots within the song with an inhuman steadiness. Matt's guitar, intricate yet driving, as expressive as any speech, builds the scenery and calls for colors but inverts them the longer you listen. Brian's singing, comforting and alienating by turns, whispers one way to turn but yells another way, a beautifully discomforting voice you hope never stops.

Ëślooking for air, found water"

Any single moment in a song gains its individual power by its elegant and austere precision, by its sharp edges and corners, but as the song continues, each of these moments fits into the larger structure that turns them into the creeping leaves and stems of a vine sliding along a forest floor or of a gnarled oak snapping with electricity.


It's all good

Written By: Shawna/Matthew Ross

august now, im sitting within looking without. through the glass the sapping of silver persistant cars makes endless, modern blood of clean seperation. so swift for you, youre gone but my eyes were never there.

your whole files of cold aftermaths see you arrayed; sickeningly. ignore these bodies graphed in green. colors unpin stability.

minutely defined you realize schematics. tearing circles for linearity. constructing broad ceilings fit for walking upon. i flake off enamel guilding china-stamped plates.

i cant wait..things wont change. its all good.


Athame-reductive process is in rotation on 90.3 fm wutk radio in knoxville, tn. also is in the top ranks in the hard rock category in . is also ravely reviewed about at

Set List

no covers, we usually play as short as possible, we love to leave em wanting more. usually a 40 minute set.